Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eurocrats Bring Back EU Constitution

For those of you who take notice of any waffle that comes from the European Union you may have heard of something called the Reform Treaty which should be ready by early September. However this "Reform Treaty" is nothing more than the rejected European Constitution under another name. According to Open Europe (which is a pro-EU think tank) 96% of the Reform Treaty is the same as the constitution with only 10 items out of 250 dropped.

The Eurocrats are once again trying to force a United States of Europe upon citizens who do not want it. These fools try to brainwash us into believing that we need a European Union and this union needs a direction.

Although the fact is, is that we do not need a European Union at all; for example let's look at Norway and South Korea. Now these countries are small countries however they are economically successful and have been for many decades and they are not members of the EU.

In South Korea's case they don't have the "benefit" of joining a single Asian market and dealing with a single Asian currency, yet they have one of the most successful economies in the world. The fact is that Norway and South Korea have complete sovereignty over the laws they make and are able to make whatever laws are suitable for them.

Also they are able to trade with whatever country they like without added complications whereas if EU members want to trade with non-EU members then they have to deal with crap like inflated EU tariffs and ridiculously low quota limits. That is why the United Kingdom is better off out of the European Union.

If the UK was to leave the EU then we can start to do more trade with: The Commonwealth (India, Australia, New Zealand, etc), China, USA, poor African countries, Japan, South Korea, South American countries. There is a whole world out there who we can benefit from and who can benefit from us, so let's ditch the narrow focused EU so that we can pursue trading with whatever country we want.


Geoffrey Brooking said...

Excellent point Lionheart and one which I have highlighted in another of my letters to the Lincolnshire Echo.

According to the Daily Telegraph the new treaty was published last Monday and has so far only been printed in one language....french.

Roger Gale MP has been refused a copy in English and the proposals are due to be ratified on October 18th just ten days after parliament returns from its 11 week break.

So much for openness and transparency hey???

The Liberals would propbably sign it in french anyway!

Lionheart said...

Yes that is probably right Geoffrey, the liberals would sign anything EU and give away our sovereign rights.

Also whenever normal people disagree with EU plans they are denounced by the Eurocrats. When people demand a say in EU affairs they are ignored by the Eurocrats. And when a politician listens to the people they were elected to represent then the Eurocrats call them populists.

The fact is the EU is not democratic and once again they are trying to force an unwanted EU treaty upon the citizens of the UK and the rest of Europe.