Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lying Hippies Blame Floods On Climate Change

For those far left hippies who believe that the recent heavy rainfall and subsequent floods are connected with the myth of man-made climate change then I suggest you take a look at today’s Daily Telegraph (Wednesday 25th July).

On page 6 you will find two photographs of Tewksbury in Gloucestershire. One is of Tewksbury in 2007 with the flood waters and the other is also of Tewksbury with flood waters but this photograph was taken in 1947. This proves that the recent extreme weather conditions have nothing to do with climate change (if climate change is happening at all).

Also the recent floods have reminded me what complete bollocks the climate change doomsayers come out with. It was only a few months ago that these cretins were saying that we were going to have a scorching hot summer but now they are saying that the heavy rainfall is to do with man-made climate change.

As far as I am concerned these climate change doomsayers are a bunch of idiots who can not make up their minds. They should just shut up and accept the fact that there is no man-made climate change and any climate change that is happening is natural. Human actions do not affect the global climate and the sooner everyone realises this, the sooner we can start living our lives again.


Rumsfeld said...

Yes absolutely. On his recent visit to Lincoln David Cameron blamed the flooding on 'climate change'.

Yet as you say only a few months ago we were told that climate change would lead to record high temperatures and drought this summer. Liberals like Cameron seem to think they can have it both ways.

Never trust a politician. They only want more of our taxes.

Geoffrey Brooking said...

I am fast becoming of the opinion that all of this so called climate change propaganda is part of a concerted campaign to get us to pay yet more taxes.

So much so that I have decided to enrol on a climate change course running for three days in September from a critical perspective so I can try and knock a bit of sense into the lefty lecturers trying to indoctrinate us all.

How dare they - this country is becoming more stalinist by the day.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you do your research - the 1947 floods occured due to a fast thaw of a lot of snow which the rivers could not cope with - it has nothing to do with the extremes of weather we now face from climate change - oh and seeing as we dont get as much snow as back in the 1940s surely shows u the world is warming up!

Are you blind - or just ignorant bigotted bastards??

Anonymous said...

On your post about Cameron - better watch out he's axeing people who don't agree with him - lets hope you lot are next!!!!

Lionheart said...

Anonymous you are a hippy so you would say that. The fact is there is no such thing as man-made climate change. If climate change is happening then there is nothing we humans can do about it because it is a natural process.

And when we had a hot April you hippy bastards were saying 'it is going to be a scorching hot summer' and 'there will be record hot temperatures' but when we got the rain in July you also blamed that on climate change. The fact is there are holes in your theory and you can't work out what is supposed to happen.

So I will give you hippy cretins some advice 'relax and get on with living your own lives' because the climate is controlled by mother nature and there is nothing any of us can do about it.

drewish said...

When was the idea of climate change first proposed? If we are a bunch of left hippies for saying that the Earth may be warming up, then you might think it would have been in the 1960s. In fact, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist first came up with the idea in . . . 1896.

Since then, satellite monitoring has conclusively measured the Earth getting hotter and the overwhelming view is that this is due to climate change.

The idea that such change is natural, or due to cycles in the Earth's rotation is easily disproven. All you have to do is look at Venus - it should be warmer than the Earth, but not enormously so, as it is a little nearer the sun than us. So why is the surface temperature of Venus a scalding 500C? Because of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere.

Please get your facts right before spouting off half-baked, homophobic and bigoted rants against climatologists, "liberal hippies" and gypsies.

Rumsfeld said...

According to Nasa data, the climate of Mars has been mirroring that of the earth for the last 30 years, with the shrinking of the Martian ice caps.

I ask you, has this been caused by little green men driving their cars?

Also I'll think you'll find that man-made climate change is the overwhelming view of politicians hungry for our taxes, not scientists.

And haven't we had this before? In the 70s you Greenpeace commies were forecasting an ice age before 2000, the meltdown of the global economy due to the imminent disappearance of fossil fuels, and the doom of the world population hitting 2 billion. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now.