Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Palestinian Support for Suicide Bombings

The BBC reports today that 70% of Palestinians believe that homicide bombings can be justified. It also reports that support for Osama Bin Laden stands at 'just' 20% compared with 56% four years ago.

However, I do not share the BBC's sunny outlook. 'Just' 20% equates to millions of Muslims who are terrorists and support Islamic fascism and its aims. Now, on the face of it, this apparent fall in support suggests progress has been made. But let's ask ourselves, is this a truthful reflection of Islamic sentiment? I would think that all we see is a fall in Muslims openly admitting they support terror.

The support of Palestinians for terrorism should also set alarm bells ringing and remind us that these are a vicious people who cannot be trusted. These are people who lined the streets to celebrate 9/11 and groom children as young as 3 to become suicide bombers. As a taxpayer, I am sickened we reward them for this by giving them our hard earned cash. Before we give them any, they should renounce all violence, until then I fully support Israeli efforts to pacify the Palestinian territories.

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