Monday, July 30, 2007

SKDC Propose Sites For Gypsy Invasion

The South Kesteven District Council in Lincolnshire has announced it is looking at 19 potential sites for Gypsy camps: 3 in Stamford, 5 in the Deepings, 4 in Bourne and 7 in Grantham. This makes me laugh because the definition of a Gypsy is a person (not from a desert area) who moves from place to place, and person who moves from place to place in a desert area is called Nomad.

Yet as soon as these camps are set up there will be a mass invasion of Gypsies flooding into the county and there they will STAY! Not moving from place to place like they should be. The effect will be devastating not just for the area but for the surrounding areas as well. There will be a huge increase in crime because Gypsies are genetically criminal.

We should not be helping the Gypsies, we should be arresting them because they drive around in 4x4s which they have stolen, and they don't bother with insurance or car tax like a normal law abiding person would. They trespass on private property, which they then destroy, and when they move into an area there is a huge increase in the number of burglaries.

Also having a large number of Gypsies in the area will have a negative impact on house prices, and local businesses will have to increase spending on security due to the high number of professional criminals there will be as a result of these camps. The truth is that these people are criminals and we should in no-way help them, let alone set up camps for them.

Source: Stamford Mercury


Geoffrey Brooking said...

Not the sort of people you want to wake up to one morning.

PS - Is that another picture of Lisa Gabriel?

Anonymous said...

Some wonderfully sweeping statements there. "genetically criminal" love to see the scientific basis for that, genius.

Lionheart said...

I didn't think Liberals believed in science.

Anonymous said...

and why do you think that lionheart?

I always thought it was conservative chrisitans who don't believe in science, Believing instead that god created everything.

So if thats true god created Gypsies...hmmmmm, just something for you to think about

Lionheart said...

You Liberals don't believe in science because you believe in a crackpot theory called man-made climate change. If you did believe in science then you would accept our FACTS about the climate.

Anonymous said...

wow congratulations you managed to go from gypsies to climate change, which is quite impressive, when you consider that i didnt even mention climate change.

so ill try again; isnt it the christian conservative right that doesnt believe in science, as they reject the theory of evolution and only believe that god created the world.

And as a conservative christian, who can believe that Gypsies are genetically evil, surely you should be able to accept that science is correct, and if god created Gypsies. oh and btw Gypsies are not genetically evil, thay just live a different lifestyle to you. that doesnt make you evil that makes you different

Lionheart said...

Doesn't matter that you didn't mention climate change because the fact that your a liberal means I can attack your claim that liberals believe in science by using the example of the belief in man-made climate change to show that liberals don't believe in science.

Anonymous said...

yea thats a brilliant theroy, execpt for man made climate change is a scientific theroy you stupid prick.

so as conservative christian which do you believe God or science?

Lionheart said...

What about the many thousands of scientists who disagree with man-made climate change?

The fact is the government needs to raise taxes so they pay some scientists to come up with some complete fiction known as man-made climate change and any scientist who doesn't agree is harassed and intimidated.

And yes I am a Conservative Christian and I believe in both God and science. Now I know this will confuse your very simple liberal mind so I won't bother explaining how I can believe in both.

Anonymous said...

climate change is happening. now wherever it is man made or natural process is what the sceientists are discussing, and yes there is a debate withing the scientific community.

and as for governments introducing bills in this area; even if they dont change the climate in the long run, isnt it better that people in highly populated areas are able to breath clean air, rather than smog created by the burning of fossil fuels, which btw currently cause high cases of asthma and over related diseases. if we clean up the air we potentially save millions upon millions of pounds that the NHS is having to spend at the moment.

And also energy saving matter (such as insulation or energy saving light bulbs) which home onwers use will in the long run save them money.

Now indulge me in how you can believe in both christianity and science

Geoffrey Brooking said...

Who's going to be the Liberal PPC for Lincoln if there is an election in October?

I hope its going to be Lisa again -she likes humiliating herself I think!

Anonymous said...

well i dont think that the liberal party is going to stand anyone in lincoln, the Liberal demorcats on the other hand; well i don't know who will be their PPC

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,

Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Yes me blog does get updated, but hasn’t been updated his week. Thank you for you concern you right-wing reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun coward. Perhaps in the future if you would like you comment published on my blog you should use your real name and not the name you hide behind to write these offensive pieces.

Stephen Morgan

Anonymous said...

Gypsies are inherently bad.