Friday, August 31, 2007

10 Years Since Diana’s Death

Is anyone else out there wondering what is the obsession with Lady Diana? This woman has been dead for 10 years now but yet the British public are bombarded with news bulletins and newspaper articles full of Diana. It is about time that everyone realised that she is dead and never coming back. So get over it!!

What was so special about this woman in the first place? Yes to some people she was attractive; I will give you that. But apart from that she was a troublemaker. She interfered in the affairs of politics and to be honest, due to her position in public life she should have known better.

I would also like to comment on her death. There are a lot of people out there who believe there was some conspiracy to kill Lady Diana but let me tell you some home truths. The driver was drunk, he lost control of the car, the car crashed and Diana died. That is it; it was just a simple car accident that killed her and not some grand conspiracy. Now let this woman rest in peace!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Terrorist Mandela Statue Stands With Churchill on Parliament Square

Today a statue of Nelson Mandela was unveiled in Parliament Square. This is a disgraceful and shameless nod to political correctness.

Mandela's cause was justified in many ways, yet the way he and his comrades went about it was sickening. He supported the bombing of innocent white men, women and children, and despite being told by President P.W. Botha that if he publicly renounced violence he would be a free man, he refused, and until this day he has not renounced terrorist violence or apologised for his actions.

From this it is quite clear he is not the cuddly old man schoolchildren are taught to worship and revere, but is a brutal and murderous terrorist. We should also remember that as well as being a terrorist, he is also a communist anti-western bigot and therefore is a man undeserving of our respect. He also supported Saddam Hussein, awarded South Africa's highest military medal to Colonel Gaddaffi, and embraced and kissed the Arab Hitler, Yasser Arafat.

A statue of this barbaric man is not fit to grace Parliament Square and stand with truly great men such as Winston Churchill. Churchill will be turning in his grave. A deserving fate of this statue is to symbolically practice what Mandela authorised on unfortunate victims: necklacing. A tyre should be placed around the statue's neck, filled with petrol and set alight.

Then the thing should be pulled out the ground. This vile wetch of a man should be jeered, not cheered.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Britain's Slide to Shame: Lager Lout Custom Prevails

I have noticed over the past few months the further decline of traditional decent standards in modern Britain.

The most recent example is where the observation of the tasteful minute of silence to mark someone's mortal departure has been substituted with a ghastly minute applause. I noted that at the Everton vs Blackburn game at the weekend the parents of murdered child Rhys Jones called for fans to applaud for a minute to mark the passing of their son, who was a devoted Everton supporter. I have every sympathy for the parents but a minute's silence is far more dignified. We should take time to quietly remember the departed; a minute of applause is quite honestly downright distasteful, and furthermore gives the impression of celebrating their death .

This unfortunate lager lout custom began at the funeral of Princess Diana where mourners clapped at the speeches and cheered the cortege as it made its way past. Such behaviour is scandalous and things have only gone downhill from there. Anyone who doubts this should look to the hideous funeral of George Best for proof.

The question is where does this behaviour go from here? In declining liberal Britain, one can envisage a future in which mourners at the Cenotaph are asked to 'honour' the fallen with applause. This would be a disgrace: there is no room for hooliganism when honouring the deceased.

Britain is sliding further and further into shame. The minute applause has gone far enough, this horrendous practice simply has to stop.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guilty Paedo 'Let Off'

A paedophile who was found guilty of 24 counts of indecent assault and gross indecency was given a non-custodial sentence. Michael Porter (right) received a three-year community rehabilitation order for his crimes which included 13 victims over a 14 year period.

This man committed these heinous crimes against innocent defenceless children including an 18 month old baby yet because he pleaded guilty the soft, liberal judge let him off with a very lenient sentence.

Sometimes the public may ask too much of the justice system yet one thing we expect and should receive from the justice system is that the punishment fits the crime and clearly in this case it does not.

Something needs to be done about these injustices in the legal system and fortunately for you, we at Neo-Conservative Lincs have just the solution: Elected Judges.

I believe judges should be elected because this way they will pass tough, long, popular sentences that evil criminals like Porter deserve. We will have an end to the liberal, soft, short sentences and the victims can live their lives knowing that their attacker is locked up in jail for a very long time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Texas Tells EU Where to Go!

Not content with butting into the affairs of European states, the European Union has told the US State of Texas to stop judicial execution. In its pro-criminal, pro-murderer missive, it said that the death penalty was a 'cruel and inhumane' punishment. Not surprisingly, Governor Rick Perry told the EU where to go.

As Margaret Thatcher told us the EU is a far left institution, and as we have stated on this blog many times before, the political left is on the side of the criminal and not the victim. But why? When a dog viciously attacks someone it is put down; violent thugs have shown themselves to be animals and accordingly must suffer the same fate.

These hippie liberal types who call for an end to the execution of wicked criminals are also the same people who call for the mass murder of innocent unborn children. For the liberal, it is ok to kill an innocent child in cold blood yet the execution of someone who has committed grave evil is wrong. And let's not forget that many a liberal will write to a convicted murderer on death row and become pen pals; it is not unknown for these weirdos to even get married to the killer [Oh and sorry Ross Pepper, Texas doesn't allow gay marriage before you consider it]. This is conclusive proof that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder, with the sufferers experiencing delusion of the highest order.

At Neo-Conservative Lincs, we applaud the response issued by Texas in favour of the death penalty. Texans know it is a just punishment for the most horrific crimes, and that the executed scum will never commit such an offence again. In the words of the Governor's spokesman, Robert Black: "While we respect our friends in Europe ... Texans are doing just fine governing Texas."

Now, if only the British Government would say the same.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Global Warming 'Stats' Are Wrong!

The far left green hippies would have us believe that man-made global warming exists and to prove their theory they point to US statistics which show 1998 and 2006 as the hottest years on record. However the American scientists who collated the statistics in the first place have now apologised because it appears that they have made a mistake.

They were confirming claims by Canadian meteorologist Steve McIntyre that temperature record-keeping by NASA was flawed. NASA changed the way they collected data after the year 2000 but they forgot to make adjustments so that new figures were on the same basis as those collected under the previous system.

This means that as a result the hottest year on record is now 1934 which is slightly hotter than 1998. The year 2006 drops to fourth place on the list. What this proves is that the huge increases in global temperatures in the last 20 years that the far left hippies try to claim, has in fact not happened. As I have said before, man-made global warming/climate change is false and not happening.

And another thing! Has anyone else noticed that hippy cretins like Al Gore start to talk about global warming and record temperatures but when these record temperatures don't happen they then switch to talk about climate change. As far as I am concerned this is a tactic to confuse the public and con them into believing this false theory.

Although fortunately for the public, the authors on this blog can see right through this theory. We can and will expose it for the pile of crap it actually is.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eco-Terrorists Protest At Heathrow

A bunch of eco-terrorists have descended on Heathrow Airport and setup an 'eco-village' for a week in protest against a third runway for the airport. Only a pitiful 2,000 protesters are expected to turn up during the week.

Fortunately for the rest of us the police will mobilise almost as many officers as there are protesters and the officers will make sure that these eco-warriors do not use violence. The officers are also searching any vehicles that approach the 'village' under section 44 of the Terrorism Act.

The aim of these so-called green hippy protesters is to bring down the British economy. Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world and earns this country billions of pounds a year. Heathrow's two runways currently run at 98.5% of their permitted capacity so in order for Heathrow to grow, expand and compete with its rivals it needs a third runway, otherwise Heathrow and Britain will lose money and jobs.

However the green hippy protesters don't care about Britain getting poorer or people losing their jobs as a result of being unable to compete with foreign competition. I hope the police give these eco-terrorists a good battering and then perhaps next time they would think twice about protesting against advancement and progress.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ross Pepper and The Gypsies

I was informed the other day by a colleague that gays like Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper use a gypsy-derived language called Polari as a form of subversive communication. He told me that this proof of an axis of evil between gypsies, queers and Liberal Democrats.

I thoroughly agreed with this conclusion. We know that gypsies use subversive talk so they can disguise their discussion of criminal activities from outsiders, while queers did the same to avoid detection of their sodomic criminal acts by those who reject the evil ways of Satan. Gay-in-chief Ross Pepper is a prominent member of the Lincoln branch of the pro-gypsy, pro-sodomy, soft on crime Liberal Democrat party and will want more gypsy words for his vocabulary of sin. The link between the three parties is indisputable.

With the gypsy funeral today in Lincoln attracting hundreds of thieves from around the world, I would not be surprised to see Ross Pepper and his bunch of Liberal Democrat weirdos march at the head of the cortege, whilst calling for the building of more gypsy camps and an amnesty on crime. Remember, the Liberal Democrats will do anything to steal a vote, and the Lincoln branch being the 4th party in the city are certainly desperate. And with gypsies being expert thieves, it's a perfect match.

By pledging to help the gypsy community, the Lincoln Limp Dems may ask for their help canvassing and campaigning in return. This will give the gypsies chance to scout out homes ripe for burglary.

It's a win win for Ross Pepper, the Lib Dems and the gypsies. Bad news for the rest of us.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Watch Out, Thieves About!

I am urging everyone in Lincoln tomorrow (Monday 13th August) to be extra vigilant as there will be a gypsy funeral taking place. It is expected that hundreds of gypsies from all over the world will flock to the gypsy funeral of Bridget Rooney. Traffic in Lincoln is likely to come to a standstill as the cortège will move from Washingborough to Saint Peter and Paul's church on Skellingthorpe Road and then back to Lincoln cemetery.

Obviously the large precession of gypsy mourners will act as a cover for these professional criminals to pillage shops, burgle homes and break into cars. So I urge everyone to make sure that you have locked your house doors, closed any windows (house and car) and not have left any valuable possessions on display in your car.

Also gypsies are excellent at picking pockets so it maybe a good idea not to wear any valuable jewellery or watches and do not carry much money in your pocket otherwise the gypsies will have it and you will never see it again. However if you follow all the steps I have provided then you will end the day tomorrow still with your possessions.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Two Korea’s Summit Just An Election Trick

It was announced today that the South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang for a summit between August 28th and August 30th. The South Korean opposition party Grand National Party (GNP) are suspicious of the suddenly arranged summit and to be honest I have to agree with them.

They (GNP) argue that this is just an election trick by the government to boost poll ratings before the South Korean Presidential Election in December. Current opinion polls put the two GNP candidates Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye first and second respectively and a country mile ahead of any liberal or pro-government candidate.

So far in this election race every liberal candidate has failed to gather more than 10% approval rating in opinion polls. This might change once the liberals have found a candidate to unite around however the downside for the liberal government Uri Party is that once the conservative opposition GNP have selected their candidate then they will be in an even stronger position then they are now.

This summit has been arranged towards the end of Roh Moo-hyun’s term and has been located in North Korea which suggests that the government Uri Party are try to shore up their core vote and steal liberal voters from other parties. The shocking thing is that this tactic might actually work because those citizens who support the reunification of Korea tend to be liberal voters.

And before you liberals say ‘Why would the North Koreans agree to this if it is an election tactic?’ Well the North Koreans are currently receiving fuel aid and food aid and diplomatic relations between North and South are at there best for years however if the GNP were to win the Presidential election then the South will adopt a much harsher stance toward the North so no more fuel aid or food aid. So it is in the North’s interests to help boost the South’s liberal pro-government vote.

The sad thing is that this summit will be seen by the rest of the world as a step forward for peace and reconciliation between the two Koreas when it is nothing of the sort. Unfortunately this summit is just a cheap election tactic by the liberal forces of South Korea and I hope it fails.

Source: The Korea Herald

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pathetic Cameron Condemned by Donor

David Cameron has been slammed by a Conservative Party donor due to his poor leadership.

Sir Tom Cowie, who has donated £630,000 to the party in the last six years, not only limited himself to condemnation but wisely announced he will not donate any more money while it is led by a bunch of 'arrogant Old Etonians'. Sir Tom revealed that this and the direction of the Conservatives over policy had contributed to his decision. Like many, he believes that those at the top of the party hierarchy are out of touch with ordinary people.

An example of this is Cameron's preaching that the end is nigh due to 'global warming'. Indeed, during his recent visit to Lincoln, he irresponsibly declared the floods to be a proof of man-made climate change, despite the Met Office declining to accept this. He is also soft on terror and has refused to support the government's tougher terror laws with the extension to 90 days for detaining terror suspects without charge. Apart from rich London liberals and hippie types, nobody believes in the ridiculous theory of man-made climate change, and the public would like to see a tougher stance on terrorism.

In essence, his leadership has been shambolic. We already have two left-wing liberal parties in Britain, there is no need for another. He has done nothing to suggest the Conservatives could win an actual general election. The Conservative Party should be led by principle and promote true conservative values, not seek to attract queer wet liberal types like Ross Pepper.

Green hippie leftism is Cameron's Party. Sir Tom has made the right move, better off out.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Thieving Lib Dems Want More Taxes

Today the Liberal Democrats have announced that they want to put an extra £10 tax per ticket on internal flights and then give the money generated to the rail system. I have no problem in the idea of improving the rail system but why does the overtaxed plane user have to suffer again?

If I was improving the rail system then I would encourage more private investment and I would reduce the price of rail tickets. However the Liberal Democrat solution to improving the rail system is make the motorist and plane user pay for it by increasing the cost of owning a car and flying on a plane.

This is typical Lib Dem policy making, they charge the majority so few can benefit. Also the Lib Dems announced that this 'new' tax policy is aimed at making Britain's public transport system carbon neutral by 2050. Although those of us who understand the facts about the climate understand that making the transport system carbon neutral is a pointless idea and a waste of time and money.

However I feel it won't be long before the Lib Dems will want to increase car tax by £100 or ban internal flights all because of the false theory of man-made climate change. Fortunately for the majority of the public the Lib Dems will never form a government in this country and their crackpot ideas will never see the light of day again.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stop Liberal Pandering to Criminals: Police Should Be Armed

I have just watched tonight's episode of The Bill. Even though it is pure fiction, the storyline of the gunpoint abduction of a police officer made me think how vital it is that frontline police are armed.

How often is it on TV we see police arrive at a crime scene only to find that they cannot deal appropriately with a situation because they don't have the firepower? For example, if police are called to a robbery in progress at a post office, instead of PC Plod having to talk the offender into surrendering, if he had a weapon he could draw it on them. There would be no more waiting for an armed response team to arrive and, providing a lethal shot was administered, this would have the advantage of saving taxpayers' money by doing rid of lenghthy court proceedings where the offender would most likely be let off by a liberal judge. Dangerous scum would be removed from the streets instantly.

Arming all police would be a postive first step. It would promote a long-gone sense of respect for the law that has disappeared due to liberal pandering to evil criminals.

Now I know liberal types will be up in arms at such a suggestion but we should not listen to anything they have to say on law and order policy because they always get it wrong. Let's remember that their Liberal Democrat Party wants to let murderers and child molesters off the hook, not send female shop lifters to jail and want to give prisoners the vote. From all this it is clear that liberals are on the side of the criminals, not the victims, and are hopelessly out of touch.

I can only hope that with violent crime rife, the police and government eventually take our advice.