Monday, August 20, 2007

Global Warming 'Stats' Are Wrong!

The far left green hippies would have us believe that man-made global warming exists and to prove their theory they point to US statistics which show 1998 and 2006 as the hottest years on record. However the American scientists who collated the statistics in the first place have now apologised because it appears that they have made a mistake.

They were confirming claims by Canadian meteorologist Steve McIntyre that temperature record-keeping by NASA was flawed. NASA changed the way they collected data after the year 2000 but they forgot to make adjustments so that new figures were on the same basis as those collected under the previous system.

This means that as a result the hottest year on record is now 1934 which is slightly hotter than 1998. The year 2006 drops to fourth place on the list. What this proves is that the huge increases in global temperatures in the last 20 years that the far left hippies try to claim, has in fact not happened. As I have said before, man-made global warming/climate change is false and not happening.

And another thing! Has anyone else noticed that hippy cretins like Al Gore start to talk about global warming and record temperatures but when these record temperatures don't happen they then switch to talk about climate change. As far as I am concerned this is a tactic to confuse the public and con them into believing this false theory.

Although fortunately for the public, the authors on this blog can see right through this theory. We can and will expose it for the pile of crap it actually is.


MT said...

Please don't confuse a good story with the facts.

Ayn Rand: "The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see"

The Intelligent Resistance said...

Phew, at least there are other people out there with a brain. Global warming is a cycle which man cannot influence. Can man influence Sun Spots or solar activity (A big NO) well then he can't influence Global Warming.
Can anyone tell me why Greenland was called Greenland by the Vikings over 1000 years ago. They farmed the freaking place because the weather was warmer then and Greenland was, you guessed it... GREEN!!! Well it's happening again and the ice is retreating in Greenland and guess what, they are finding evidence of Viking farming activity (including farm houses) which have been hidden under ice for a millenium.
So all you tree hugging, global warming freaks who believe that saving some electicity in the home or exchanging Credit Card points for Carbon Offset points (can you believe it) means you are doing your pathetic little bit for the invironment YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED. Instead you will be lining the pockets of Bloated Government and huge Business Coffers. Just wait for the Green taxes and Carbon offset Taxes (they're comin) of course you, like obedient little puppies will pay it willingly making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you've done your little bit. THINK MAN and GET A LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Ya i agree. The earth does go through natural temperature cycles and has throughout the planet's history. People are way too concerned about what is happening. We have such miniscule impact on the whole earth's atmosphere that there is no way we are the cause of global warming; let alone a signifigant part of it. Stupid democrats...