Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pathetic Cameron Condemned by Donor

David Cameron has been slammed by a Conservative Party donor due to his poor leadership.

Sir Tom Cowie, who has donated £630,000 to the party in the last six years, not only limited himself to condemnation but wisely announced he will not donate any more money while it is led by a bunch of 'arrogant Old Etonians'. Sir Tom revealed that this and the direction of the Conservatives over policy had contributed to his decision. Like many, he believes that those at the top of the party hierarchy are out of touch with ordinary people.

An example of this is Cameron's preaching that the end is nigh due to 'global warming'. Indeed, during his recent visit to Lincoln, he irresponsibly declared the floods to be a proof of man-made climate change, despite the Met Office declining to accept this. He is also soft on terror and has refused to support the government's tougher terror laws with the extension to 90 days for detaining terror suspects without charge. Apart from rich London liberals and hippie types, nobody believes in the ridiculous theory of man-made climate change, and the public would like to see a tougher stance on terrorism.

In essence, his leadership has been shambolic. We already have two left-wing liberal parties in Britain, there is no need for another. He has done nothing to suggest the Conservatives could win an actual general election. The Conservative Party should be led by principle and promote true conservative values, not seek to attract queer wet liberal types like Ross Pepper.

Green hippie leftism is Cameron's Party. Sir Tom has made the right move, better off out.


Ben said...

Aaaah the fickleness of millionaires. It really is too amusing. No doubt this dude has been bankrolling the tories for years, and it has only just occured to him that the party is stuffed full of "arrogant Old Etonians", and always has been. Where has he been for the past 80 years? Every Tory leader in his lifetime except Thatcher, Major, Hague and Howard have been educated at public schools, so have many other senior Tories. How come this didn't bother him when Ted Heath and his predecessors were in power?

Far be it to from me to advise the Cons on how to win an election, but David Cameron appears to be going in the right direction. It doesnt seem to have registered with Mr Cowie and his ilk, but the Tories last won an election in 1992. Noone wants the nasty party policies of the 1980s, otherwise they would have won the elections wouldnt they?? In order to win, the Tories have to win over the middle ground, with policies the public want, like well funded schools and the NHS. Iain Duncan Smith, and Michael Howard tried the right wing ticket and they LOST. Trying the same old thing isnt going to work!

Still theres always the BNP......

Rumsfeld said...

"No doubt this dude has been bankrolling the Tories for years" - this is not a factual statement and yet you build a large part of your argument around it. Have you bothered to check whether he bankrolled Ted Heath's Tories?

And I think you'll find that the major contributing factor to winning an election is waiting for the government to lose one. These past few elections things haven't been bad enough to make people want to switch to the Conservatives. I'm sure if the party could find a telegenic, down to earth, right of centre leader things would be better. hague, Duncan-Smith and Howard were hardly election winners.

And for your information 'Ben' the BNP is actually a racist, socialist party, things this blog stands against.

Anonymous said...

its amazing how everything is brought around to Ross Pepper - you must really love him to give him all this free publicity - you know how the saying goes - the only bad publicity you can get is no publicity!! You a bunch of sweeties underneath aren't you x