Monday, August 13, 2007

Ross Pepper and The Gypsies

I was informed the other day by a colleague that gays like Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper use a gypsy-derived language called Polari as a form of subversive communication. He told me that this proof of an axis of evil between gypsies, queers and Liberal Democrats.

I thoroughly agreed with this conclusion. We know that gypsies use subversive talk so they can disguise their discussion of criminal activities from outsiders, while queers did the same to avoid detection of their sodomic criminal acts by those who reject the evil ways of Satan. Gay-in-chief Ross Pepper is a prominent member of the Lincoln branch of the pro-gypsy, pro-sodomy, soft on crime Liberal Democrat party and will want more gypsy words for his vocabulary of sin. The link between the three parties is indisputable.

With the gypsy funeral today in Lincoln attracting hundreds of thieves from around the world, I would not be surprised to see Ross Pepper and his bunch of Liberal Democrat weirdos march at the head of the cortege, whilst calling for the building of more gypsy camps and an amnesty on crime. Remember, the Liberal Democrats will do anything to steal a vote, and the Lincoln branch being the 4th party in the city are certainly desperate. And with gypsies being expert thieves, it's a perfect match.

By pledging to help the gypsy community, the Lincoln Limp Dems may ask for their help canvassing and campaigning in return. This will give the gypsies chance to scout out homes ripe for burglary.

It's a win win for Ross Pepper, the Lib Dems and the gypsies. Bad news for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

how are the liberal democrats the 4th party in the city?

Rumsfeld said...

Sorry, I've jumped the gun a little. The Liberal Democrats soon will be Lincoln's 4th or 5th party with the rise of UKIP and the BNP in the city.

The BNP had more candidates than the Lib Dems and in most wards were either ahead or just behind in the amount of votes received. There is only 1 Lib Dem councillor and the parliamentary candidate [Lisa Gabriel] is always miles back in the polls.

Just face it: you lot are doomed

Anonymous said...

Im guessing you lot are N.A.F.F (polari speak) oh and if you need it translating it mean Not Available For F*cking!!!! Mind you its not like anyone of any gender would be interested in people like you with warpped mind - sex with you must be so boring!!!

Rumsfeld said...

Well with you presumably being a gay you speak as one with experience of a warped mind.

Anonymous said...

Is it true 3 Lib Dems on Sleaford Town Council including Deputy Mayor George Grout, are facing a Standards Board investigation.