Friday, August 03, 2007

Thieving Lib Dems Want More Taxes

Today the Liberal Democrats have announced that they want to put an extra £10 tax per ticket on internal flights and then give the money generated to the rail system. I have no problem in the idea of improving the rail system but why does the overtaxed plane user have to suffer again?

If I was improving the rail system then I would encourage more private investment and I would reduce the price of rail tickets. However the Liberal Democrat solution to improving the rail system is make the motorist and plane user pay for it by increasing the cost of owning a car and flying on a plane.

This is typical Lib Dem policy making, they charge the majority so few can benefit. Also the Lib Dems announced that this 'new' tax policy is aimed at making Britain's public transport system carbon neutral by 2050. Although those of us who understand the facts about the climate understand that making the transport system carbon neutral is a pointless idea and a waste of time and money.

However I feel it won't be long before the Lib Dems will want to increase car tax by £100 or ban internal flights all because of the false theory of man-made climate change. Fortunately for the majority of the public the Lib Dems will never form a government in this country and their crackpot ideas will never see the light of day again.


Rumsfeld said...

Like 'travellers' they are thieving scum

Anonymous said...

You don't get it do ya - we aint bothered about what you lot think!!

Lionheart said...

Anonymous you obviously are bothered about what we think otherwise you wouldn't take the trouble to leave comments on our blog.