Thursday, September 20, 2007

Disgrace of Britain's Lenient Sentences

It was a welcome surprise over the last few days to hear that singer Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters has criticised British sentences for being too lenient.

The comments came in the wake of two British friends being the victim of a brutal homophobic attack where the attackers escaped jail. The authors of this website have always believed the British justice system to be a disgrace, and welcome the singer's observation.

Every day when reading the paper we see appalling miscarriages of justice against victims. Recent examples of criminals being let off include community sentences for a man in Lincoln who wielded a knife at bar staff in his local pub, and a Teeside man who urinated on a woman as she lay dying in the street. These sickening events deserve strict and severe punishments, but liberal judges and ridiculously soft sentencing guidelines conspire to let violent thugs off the hook.

Lenient sentences are the disgrace of Britain. Neo-Conservative Lincs once more calls for an effective solution: elected judges with greater sentencing power. Only this way can the nonsense stop and we reclaim our country from the yobs and thugs.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britain Should Adopt Swiss Immigration System

In Switzerland if a foreigner wants to apply for citizenship they must first have lived in a Swiss community for 12 years before they can apply; and being born in Switzerland brings no right to citizenship. Under the current system, foreigners apply through their local town or village. They appear before a citizenship committee and answer questions about their desire to be Swiss. After that, they must often be approved by the entire voting community, in a secret ballot, or a show of hands.

Now this may sound a bit risky allowing ordinary citizens to vote on who can have citizenship but in Switzerland it works great. For example a disabled man from Kosovo applied for citizenship and although he met all the legal criteria, his application for citizenship was rejected by his community on the grounds that his disability made him a burden on taxpayers, and that he was Muslim.

I mean how brilliant is that! If only we had that over here. I would soon be rejecting all the terrorist Muslims that wanted British citizenship. Now I know you liberals will moan like hell at me for saying that but I (like the silent majority in this country) do not want; Muslims, gays, gypsies invading this country. Britain is a democratic country and because the majority would probably agree with me, you liberals can piss off!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Government Climate Change Propaganda

This morning I was disgusted to see an advert on Channel 4 about Climate Change/CO2 emissions which contained grossly incorrect information. However what made this worse was that the advert wasn't made by some nutcase hippy environmentalists; it was made by the government.

Here at Neo-Conservative Lincs we have always known that the Labour government are a bunch of liberal hippies however this new advert represents the government escalating their battle against common sense and the truth by trying place guilt upon the general public for using electrical appliances and cars.

The idea is that once the public feel guilty about using electrical appliances and cars they will then want to reduce their 'carbon footprint'. I mean, what a load of shite! All this advert does is tell lies and tries to scare people into reducing their carbon footprint. You can see what I mean for yourself by watching the advert below.

Now that the government has escalated their battle against the truth, we the silent majority need to escalate our battle as well. The fact is using electrical appliances and driving around in a car will not warm up the planet. Also there is no need to worry about emitting CO2 emissions because firstly CO2 emissions do not contribute to climate change and secondly if they did do humans only contribute to a small percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The fact is that there is no such thing as man-made climate change. Man-made climate change was invented by the government so that they could intrude more into your lives and raise taxes. So don't feel guilty about using electrical appliances or driving a car because you are not damaging the planet.

It is a sad day when the government start lying to the public in order to pursue their sick twisted agenda but fortunately for you we at Neo-Conservative Lincs are committed to telling you the truth about these matters.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11: Never Forget

Today is the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States where 2974 people were murdered by al Qaeda terrorists driven by profound evil.

On that day the world finally woke up to the dangers of letting Islamic terror go unchecked. The barbaric murder of nearly 3000 civilians prompted missions for which we can be proud. The world removed the Taliban in Afghanistan and the safe haven for al Qaeda, bringing democracy to this foreign land in the process. A coalition of the willing liberated Iraq and removed a tyrant. These battles are still being fought so that we in the civilised world can be free from such acts of violence happening again.

Now we face a challenge on another front. Weak-minded appeasers call for withdrawal from these conflicts, thinking that if we stop fighting the terrorists will leave us alone. They are wrong. Al Qaeda and its associates must be destroyed, and we must not leave until the job is done; anything else is a betrayal to our troops and to the victims of Islamic terror.

Six years ago a nation was on its knees, but it accepted the challenge to lead the world into freedom. Let us remember all those who perished, and pay tribute to those who acted with such courage on that day, and let us renew our vow to stop such events happening again.

God bless America.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Liberal Hypocrisy Over Islamic Books

Anyone who watched Newsnight last week would have seen a report and then a debate about libraries in Tower Hamlets in London who has vast collections of jihadist literature. What disgusts me the most is that taxpayer’s money is being used to purchase these evil books.

And to make things worse the Islamic book collections are heavily biased in favour of this sickening jihadist literature. Douglas Murray an author from the right wing think-tank the Centre for Social Cohesion told Newsnight “This is a collection that is warped towards one particular extreme interpretation of Islam”.

However despite these facts the liberals on the Newsnight panel were saying we should allow these books in public libraries. Now hang-on! If these books were right-wing and attacking Islam or man-made climate change then these liberals would be the first to say how awful they were and how they should be banned right away.

It is typical liberal hypocrisy to believe that it is ok to allow books by convicted terrorists such as Abu Hamza al-Masri (above right) and Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal in public libraries. If these books are allowed in public libraries then so is extremist right-wing books but oh no it is deemed too offensive by whiny liberals.

For them (liberal whingers) is seems it is ok to have one extreme but not the other.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rare Victory Against Climate Fascism

Today is a rare opportunity to celebrate a victory against all-consuming climate fascism. The BBC has decided to scrap its plans for a Comic Relief style mammoth telethon for 'global warming'.

Executives at the corporation have made the decision to focus on 'factual' programming over climate change rather than try to lead public opinion on the issue.

On the face of it this seems fantastic. But until the BBC stops plugging climate hysteria in any way this will be a hollow victory. Remember the BBC stills employs arch hippie greenies in its organisation including David Attenborough, Edith Bowman and Ricky Gervais amongst others. These people will use any opportunity to spread their plague of lies. Also remember the shameful Climate Chaos series which was riddled with hype and nonsense.

So by all means we must celebrate, but we have only won one battle, not the war. Keep fighting!