Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11: Never Forget

Today is the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States where 2974 people were murdered by al Qaeda terrorists driven by profound evil.

On that day the world finally woke up to the dangers of letting Islamic terror go unchecked. The barbaric murder of nearly 3000 civilians prompted missions for which we can be proud. The world removed the Taliban in Afghanistan and the safe haven for al Qaeda, bringing democracy to this foreign land in the process. A coalition of the willing liberated Iraq and removed a tyrant. These battles are still being fought so that we in the civilised world can be free from such acts of violence happening again.

Now we face a challenge on another front. Weak-minded appeasers call for withdrawal from these conflicts, thinking that if we stop fighting the terrorists will leave us alone. They are wrong. Al Qaeda and its associates must be destroyed, and we must not leave until the job is done; anything else is a betrayal to our troops and to the victims of Islamic terror.

Six years ago a nation was on its knees, but it accepted the challenge to lead the world into freedom. Let us remember all those who perished, and pay tribute to those who acted with such courage on that day, and let us renew our vow to stop such events happening again.

God bless America.

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