Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britain Should Adopt Swiss Immigration System

In Switzerland if a foreigner wants to apply for citizenship they must first have lived in a Swiss community for 12 years before they can apply; and being born in Switzerland brings no right to citizenship. Under the current system, foreigners apply through their local town or village. They appear before a citizenship committee and answer questions about their desire to be Swiss. After that, they must often be approved by the entire voting community, in a secret ballot, or a show of hands.

Now this may sound a bit risky allowing ordinary citizens to vote on who can have citizenship but in Switzerland it works great. For example a disabled man from Kosovo applied for citizenship and although he met all the legal criteria, his application for citizenship was rejected by his community on the grounds that his disability made him a burden on taxpayers, and that he was Muslim.

I mean how brilliant is that! If only we had that over here. I would soon be rejecting all the terrorist Muslims that wanted British citizenship. Now I know you liberals will moan like hell at me for saying that but I (like the silent majority in this country) do not want; Muslims, gays, gypsies invading this country. Britain is a democratic country and because the majority would probably agree with me, you liberals can piss off!


Jasmine Cavalli said...

it is not really like that anymore,or never been THAT easy LOL... very sorry to disappointyou! Actually I am very disappointed myself....

Mari said...

This is a long time from your posting, but I totally agree. U.S. should be that way too!