Friday, October 12, 2007

The Nobel Prize Sham: Gore and Chums Awarded for Lying

The 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace has been jointly awarded to phoney environmentalist Al Gore and his chums at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The award has been conferred on Gore for his environmental lectures, campaigning and propaganda film, while the IPCC has been awarded for its work on 'reporting' global warming. Once again the Nobel Committee has made a shameless political statement with this year's recipients and proved its status as a front for stinking Far-Left hippie Communists.

The disgraceful Gore and the IPCC are guilty of manipulation and deceit which has been disgustingly overlooked by the Nobel Committee. This week a High Court judge highlighted nine outright lies in Gore's acclaimed masterpiece An Inconvenient Truth stating it had fudged the science to get the desired result and ruled it could only be shown in schools with a warning that it is bollocks. The IPCC has been known to tell its contributors to exaggerate in order scare the public into line, and ignores the views of the masses of climate change sceptics.

The Nobel Prize is an absolute sham; the product of floaty liberal Swedish and Norwegian academics. Al Gore and the IPCC are the latest members to join a club that includes terrorists [Yasser Arafat and Nelson Mandela], Communists [Gorbachev] and crap presidents [Jimmy Carter]. I'm sure they'll be right at home with these like-minded arseholes.

Kelvin's Scottish Comments Are True!

For those of you who watched Question Time last night you would have seen Kelvin MacKenzie (right), quite rightly, have a go at the Scots. This enlightened man said that Scots enjoyed spending money but not creating it. I am here to say that what Kelvin said is true. The Scots are a bunch of lazy, freeloading twats.

For years now there has been more taxpayers money spent per head in Scotland than in England. This is because Scotland does not produce anything apart from kilts and bagpipes and they are not really internationally exportable.

And before you irrate Scottish wankers start moaning about the oil. Bear in mind that there is not enough oil to pay for the services you already have let alone make you rich. Also the oil was found by the UK and not Scotland therefore it belongs to the whole of the UK.

As we all know most Scottish people are unemployed and what Scots do all day is drink lager in their stringed vests and sit on their dirty broken settees watching television. I think it is about time we stopped giving money to the freeloading Scots and make them get off their arses and work.

Kelvin MacKenzie also warned the British public last night that Gordon Brown is a socialist Scot who wants to spend every penny you earn. However the response from the ignorant Cheltenham Question Time audience was to boo him. Now I found that disgraceful because what that audience forgot was that Kelvin was absolutely correct. For 10 years now Gordon Brown has just taxed, taxed and taxed again and nothing will change now he is Prime Minister.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Early Election = Tories Getting Hammered

Today at the Conservative Party conference, leader David Cameron gave his end of conference speech. He said that the Conservative Party were ready for a general election adding "we will fight and Britain will win". As far as I am concerned this is a bluff because looking at the opinion polls there is no way the Conservatives can seriously say that they want an election.

But all this week that is exactly what the Conservatives have been saying. Mayor of London candidate, Boris Johnson, was particularly vocal about wanting an early election. He said that if Gordon Brown does not call an early election he would end up looking like a "big girl's blouse" and he urged the Prime Minister not to "wimp out".

I just wish now that Gordon Brown does call an early election because the Conservatives will end up getting hammered by Labour and that ponce David Cameron would have to resign. That means the Conservative Party would go back to the right and Cameron, along with his modernising tossers, would piss off into the wilderness that they came from in the first place.