Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Early Election = Tories Getting Hammered

Today at the Conservative Party conference, leader David Cameron gave his end of conference speech. He said that the Conservative Party were ready for a general election adding "we will fight and Britain will win". As far as I am concerned this is a bluff because looking at the opinion polls there is no way the Conservatives can seriously say that they want an election.

But all this week that is exactly what the Conservatives have been saying. Mayor of London candidate, Boris Johnson, was particularly vocal about wanting an early election. He said that if Gordon Brown does not call an early election he would end up looking like a "big girl's blouse" and he urged the Prime Minister not to "wimp out".

I just wish now that Gordon Brown does call an early election because the Conservatives will end up getting hammered by Labour and that ponce David Cameron would have to resign. That means the Conservative Party would go back to the right and Cameron, along with his modernising tossers, would piss off into the wilderness that they came from in the first place.


Geoffrey Brooking said...

I disagree.

Brown considering an election simply played into Conservative hands and his bottling out did even better to turn our fortunes around.

we would have won and Brown knows we would have won because thats why he didn't go.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking moron... are you one of those 'brownshirts', "Conservatives for New Labour" I bet? Who is your leader? Quentin Davies? I notice you don't bother to post any more, understandable given that the Tories now had an ever increasing lead in the polls _over_ Labour.

George Reagan said...

I consider myself very right wing. So at the next general election I will vote for the main party who has the most right wing leader. That is obviously Labour.

David Cameron is a tosser and loves to hugs trees way more than anyone else. Also he has a baby face and how can you take any politician seriously when they have a baby face?

I hope these liberal tories rot and die thereby making way for the true right wing Tories to resume control of the party and then the country.

Rumsfeld said...

For anonymous and others, you fail to understand that this is NOT a Conservative Party site; get your facts right. We are still posting.