Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Teacher and the Teddy Bear: the Shame of Islam

The jailing of a British teacher in Sudan for naming a teddy bear "Mohammad" shows Islam for what it is; a grim religion of backwardness and hate.

The fact is that the Muslims have bitten the hand that feeds them. This teacher who has generously gone over to a dirty squalid country to better the lives of these people has been turned upon for an innocent mistake. This further highlights a particularly vile trait of Islam, where many of its people harbour hatred for those who provide them with all they have. Take for instance the London bombers or 9/11 terrorists. Instead of living in huts and caves like those in Afghanistan or Pakistan, they lived in relative luxury in the Western world. These parasites got an education off us and claimed numerous benefits then showed their gratitude by murdering their fellow citizens. It really is barbaric. And let's not forget the whole Mohammad cartoons episode.

The noble aims of this teacher have spectacularly backfired, but let it serve as a warning to others. Let's stop helping the Islamic world until it gets its ship in order. When it renounces terrorism, brutality and spitefulness and stops trying to colonize us then we can do business. Unfortunately however, I fear it will be a long wait. To hell with with them.


Hats off said...

Well said Rumsfeld.

Just underlines what a dangerous and vile religion it is.

Hats off said...

She's being released this morning.

Anonymous said...


if you did ANY research on Islam you would find it is not "a grim religion of backwardness and hate" at all.

the extremists are the ones we have to worry about.

plus the children at her school named the bear, not the teacher.

Reagan Republican said...

It shows us the tolerance of the religion of peace. I wonder what the UK had to give or threaten to get her released?