Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bali Conference Was A Failure

I was pleased to see the other day a lack of progress - and some have argued failure - from the United Nations climate conference because as you may know the UN is a far-left organisation which believes in the myth of man-made climate change. The aim of the UN conference was to find a replacement for Kyoto which would involve setting unnecessary targets to cut CO2 and destroying businesses and industry in order to meet those targets.

The big roadblock to 'progress' was our great friends and allies the United States. The US did so well in the conference because they managed to eliminate ridiculous references (inserted by the EU) to specific cuts in CO2. The EU demanded that industrialised nations should cut their CO2 emissions by 25-40% by 2020. The US argued that climate change could not be curbed by emission cuts from developed countries alone.

Although I am not completely happy with the outcome of the conference because the US did in principle agree that climate change is a potential problem. In an ideal world the US would have argued (like they have in the past) the truth which is that climate change is a natural process and that CO2 emissions in no way affect the world's climate. Then the US should have told the UN and every delegate at the conference to piss off!


Anonymous said...

Having read your comments, I was going to ask how long you'd been a member of the Flat Earth Society...but on re-reading them, I can see we don't seem to share the same planet!

Geoffrey Brooking said...

Come on you Neo Cons.

Lets have some coverage on the USA Primaries!