Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hero Shoots Burglars

Texas man Joe Horn (right, top) became a hero after he shot and killed two burglars (right, bottom) who were breaking into his neighbour’s house. Mr Horn called the police to report the burglary but when it became apparent that the police were not going to make it before the burglars killed him and burgled his house he took the courageous decision to protect himself and the neighbourhood and decided to shoot these scumbags dead.

Yesterday, a grand jury cleared Mr Horn of unlawfully killing the burglars and quite right too. After all, he made the correct decision by shooting burglars Miguel Antonio DeJesus (38) and Diego Ortiz (30) dead. All too often scum like DeJesus and Ortiz are allowed to burgle properties and murder people. As far as I am concerned it was about time that justice is served.

Although, not everyone believes that Mr Horn was right, for example, there have been protests by far-left liberal wimps who have accused Mr Horn of being a loose cannon. However these cretins are wrong! I mean come on! These are the people who believe that WE, the law-abiding citizens, are to blame for crime and that the criminals are ‘victims’ who have been ‘marginalised’ from society.

Well, as you know, this is utter crap. Criminals are evil scum who are born criminals. They are generally lazy people who can’t be bothered to work for the stuff that they want so they steal what they want. They usually murder people for fun because they are sick, disgusting, evil, scumbags and have nothing else to live for. As far as I am concerned Mr Horn had no choice but to shoot DeJesus and Ortiz dead.

Joe Horn is a hero and should be held up as an example of the perfect neighbour who is willing to do anything to defend his neighbourhood. If we had more people like Joe Horn then I am certain that the crime rate will fall and neighbourhoods throughout the United States and the United Kingdom will be much safer.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Terrorist Celebrates Birthday

Last night the world’s most famous terrorist, Nelson Mandela, celebrated his 90th Birthday with a music concert. This morning as I watched the news coverage of the concert I became enraged as a number of celebrities including X-Factor winner, Leona Lewis praised Mandela as a wonderful man, which of course he is not, as I am about to tell you.

What people forget about Nelson Mandela is that he is a terrorist. In 1961 he became the leader of ANC’s (African National Congress) military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) where he coordinated its campaign of violence and terror including the Church Street Bombing in Pretoria which killed 19 people and wounded more than 200.

Mandela also raised funds for MK by visiting his vile terrorist allies; the Soviet Union, Libya and Cuba. MK also had links to the South African Communist Party. Mandela himself holds weird and backward Marxists views of the world. He frequently attacks the US ‘imperialism’ and ‘arrogance’ and voices support for Libya and Cuba, which are both evil and brutal dictatorships.

Nelson Mandela quite rightly spent 27 years in prison and even though I would have kept this mad man locked up forever, the government of P.W. Botha had a more friendly approach. What those free Mandela wankers fail to understand was that Mandela could easily have been a free man well before his release in 1990 because the Botha government consistently offered Mandela his freedom so long as he publicly renounced violence, however, he never did.

Up until this very day Nelson Mandela has never renounced violence which means he believes that his terrorist acts were correct. It is for that reason why Nelson Mandela remains a terrorist and it is for that reason why I believe that this man should be locked up forever.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank You Mr President!

After what was believed to be President Bush's final trip to the UK as President of the United States, I would like to offer a belated welcome and thank you.

George W. Bush has served his country with great distinction and dedication throughout his presidency. On his trip this week he was greeted with with jeers by the Left and Moslem organisations. However, the President has rarely worried about the short term impact of popularity polls. This is a man who has always put principle over politics, and for that we salute him.

We at Neo-Conservative Lincs wish him well for his final months as President. But the best UK tribute to a great president should be credited to Lough View Integrated Primary School in Belfast, who presented the President with a plant named in his honour: 'The Mighty Bush'.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hippies Indoctrinate Young Children

The far-left hippies know no boundaries as they aim to further their myth of man-made global warming. In a move similar to tactics used by the Nazi propaganda machine the far-left have turned their attention to young children.

I have discovered that at the Stamford Junior School yesterday it was something called Green Day in which the far-left suggest that the children come into school wearing their own clothes and not the school uniform but only if they wear something green. Now wearing green is not a problem, it is the idea associated with the green theme.

The far-left hippy nutcases are indoctrinating young children about the myth of global warming. They start by getting young children aware of their myth by getting them to wear a piece of green clothing. Then they suggest that it would be a good idea to recycle and use recycled goods. And before you know it you will have a whole generation of far-left hippy nutcases dedicated to perpetuating the myth of man-made global warming.

The result of this would mean the end of civilisation as we know it. The far-left hippies believe that we can save the planet if we stop emitting carbon dioxide which means that they are out to stop us from using our cars and modern technology. It is quite obvious to me that if we do not stop these nutcases they will send us back to the Stone Age.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brooking Is 100% Correct!!!

It has almost been a month since Geoffrey G Brooking made some informed, honest comments about council estates and in particular the St Giles estate in Lincoln. Yet he still seems to be creating a stir among some former Labour councillors in the city.

I don't know why he has created a stir, I for one would like to congratulate Mr Brooking on having the guts to tell us the truth about what goes on, on council estates. He is correct when he mentions that most people who live on St Giles are drunk or are on drugs.

I have myself visited the area and I must say I have never seen such a vile place in all my life. The people walk around like zombies in their baggy clothes and sit outside in their front gardens. I say ‘their’ front gardens when in fact I mean the council’s front gardens, which these vile people have managed to scrounge.

These people lack morals and any kind of decency and they are not bothered about living in the civilised world, which means that they will scrounge and steal to get what they want. That is why the crime rate is so high on council estates. These people need to feed their drug and alcohol addictions so they steal other people’s property in order to pay for it. It is sickening.

These people are, in the words of my fellow blogger Rumsfeld, human vermin!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Britain On the Verge: Moslem Nation by 2025

I must bring to readers' attention a study by Christian Research. The organisation has used demographics and recent trends to make a horrifying prediction that by 2025 Mosque attendance will outstrip Church attendance. It also predicted that by 2050, there will be three times more Moslems attending Mosques than Christians going to Church. That means that right now Britain is on the verge of becoming a Moslem country, and seen as France, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany are heading the same way, part of the wider Islamic Caliphate.

This is indeed a very disturbing study. As regular readers of this site will know, Islam is a wicked and warped faith of monstrous proportions, and its spread must be resisted with the utmost urgency. It is a faith that openly calls for the killing, converting or enslaving of non-Moslems, the oppression of women, the rejection of freedom, and it authorises this through expansion, conquest and violence. The projection that it will be prevalent here in under 20 year's time is truly abhorrent.

I know this upsets liberals and leftists who espouse 'multiculturalism', but mark my words, if this policy is not rejected there will be only one culture left: Islam. The domination of Islam will be far from pleasant.

For anyone who doubts this, take a look around some of our towns and cities that are under siege from Islam and open your eyes. Drive around the Moslem ghettos and see the horrors of an Islamic society in England's green and pleasant land. Tune into local Islamic radio stations and listen to their terrorist bile and broadcasts of hate. As you go past mosques and halal shops around every corner, you will look with horror while Bin Laden lookalikes and women in terrifying burqas roam freely plotting terror. Sensible people ask why these people are dressed like this and conclude that they are not doing it for means of comfort, but merely to demonstrate anti-Westernism and support for Osama Bin Laden's Islamic caliphate.

Now I am not quite sure what to suggest as the solution to this without getting arrested, but we can make a start by unashamedly promoting British values, supporting the War on Terror and backing our troops. We must reject the promotion of Islam across society particularly in our schools, and speak out when those in power back down to Islamic demands. When the idiotic honorary Moslem Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, supported Islamic Sharia Law in Britain there was uproar. Everyone must feel the same sense of outrage when they see Moslems openly dressing to intimidate and threaten. I would never wear a balaclava down the street and cover myself in black robes, why should it be any different for a Moslem.

I am sickened to the core by what I have seen our once great nation become. I watch in disbelief as the land of Churchill and Thatcher turns into a launchpad for extremism. Our courts let terrorists out of jail and punish those who speak the truth. But we the people must remember that this is our country, and we must not give it away. It may already be too late, be we must not give up without a fight. Be proud to be British, and proud to be Christian.

May God be with us.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bird Of Evil

On Thursday May 1st, millions of people around the country will go to the polls to elect their local councillors. In Lincoln there are 11 councillors fighting to win seats onto the city council. The Conservatives currently have 17 councillors, Labour has 15 and the Liberal Democrats have 1. Personally I don’t really care how many councillors the Conservatives or Labour has so long as the Lib Dems don’t have any.

The single Liberal Democrat councillor is Helen Heath, the wife of the terrorist Adrian Heath, and she currently represents Carholme Ward. She proposes some pointless and time wasting ideas such as: small grants to help community-based youth projects; and investigate ways of collecting recycling by disposable sack. And how is she proposing to pay for these proposals? Yes, you have guessed, with a real 3.95% rise in your council tax. Once again the Lib Dems have shown themselves to be the party of tax and spend.

Also standing are a couple of gays: Ross Pepper and Stephen Morgan. Ross is standing in Boultham Ward and Stephen is standing in Glebe Ward. Now I find this quite strange because as far as I am aware people with a mental illness are prevented from running for public office and, as the more intelligent readers understand, homosexuality is a mental illness. I mean, it is typical of the Lib Dems to wheel out people with depraved, sinful lifestyles to become candidates. Remember Mark Oaten! Or would you rather forget?

The Liberal Democrats support terrorists, murderers and paedophiles (if you don’t believe me just look at their 2005 Election Manifesto). They currently have among their ranks: a terrorist (Adrian Heath), a tax and spender (Helen Heath), and people who enjoy sinful lifestyles (Ross Pepper, Stephen Morgan and Mark Oaten). Who next? Osama Bin Laden or Ian Huntley. This shows that the Liberal Democrats are a dangerous and evil party, and they must be stopped. So on May 1st I urge you to vote tactically against the Lib Dems.

In Lincoln if you live in either: Abbey, Birchwood, Boultham, Carholme, Castle, Moorland or Park ward then you should vote tactically for Labour. If you live in Glebe, Hartsholme or Minster ward then vote tactically for the Conservatives.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Axis Of Evil Still Exists

Today I would like to remind you all that the Axis of Evil still exists and the threat from the Axis still looms large. In the 2002 State Of The Union Address, President Bush warned: “States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an Axis of Evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world.” And in recent days it has been uncovered that Syria had been building a secret nuclear reactor with the help of North Korea.

The Syrians have rejected any claims that there are any nuclear links to North Korea; however, the Syrians are lying. The photograph (to the right) shows the heads of the North Korean and Syrian nuclear programmes and this proves that there is a nuclear link between the two countries.

As for the nuclear reactor itself, the Israelis have bombed it. The Israelis believed (quite rightly) that the existence of a nuclear reactor inside Syria threatens the security of Israel and the world. If Syria was allowed to have a nuclear reactor they would make nuclear weapons which could lead to oil price instability and the destruction of Israel.

To those of you who believed that with: the success of operation Iraqi freedom; the inclusion of North Korea in the six-party talks; and the resignation of Fidel Castro; meant that the Axis of Evil was falling apart, then you are wrong. What the Syria-North Korea nuclear situation has taught us is that the Axis of Evil is as strong as ever. Our battle against the Axis of Evil will be a long one and when things appear to be going our way, we must not become complacent. If we stay steadfast in our aim of defeating the Axis of Evil we will emerge victorious.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: Day Of Lies

Today is Earth Day, which is a day that hippies everywhere spread the dangerous myth of man-made climate change via CO2 emissions. They claim that because we drive around in our cars, watch our televisions, buy lots of consumer products and use our computers, we are some how damaging the environment. They advocate that to stop the damage we must give-up all our mod-cons and live in mud huts. Well I say that they are wrong.

Let’s look at the facts. Now those more intelligent readers will understand that CO2 does not in any way contribute to the changing of the global climate. But let’s say (for arguments sake) that it does. The Earth’s atmosphere is made-up of many different gases and CO2 forms approximately 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Of that 0.04% of CO2, over 95% of it comes from natural sources and is in no way related to human activity.

Most of the CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere comes from: Volcanoes; the natural decay of organic material in forests and grasslands; and animals. Humans produce only 5% of the 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere which means that even if CO2 does contribute to climate change then the human contribution is negligible. And besides, as I have reiterated many times before, CO2 does not in any way contribute to climate change.

But the hippies celebrating Earth Day are just merely a microcosm which represents a bigger, more dangerous form of climate change hysteria that has been sweeping the globe over the last 10 years. For example: On Sunday the BBC was talking about coastal erosion and climate change in the same sentence. This is a complete outrage!!! Anyone with a basic GCSE in Geography can tell you that coastal erosion is a completely natural process and is in no-way related to climate change.

However those groups in society such as: the far-left; hippies; liberals; and nutcase environmentalists are so rabid in the way they insist on the existence of man-made climate change that even the truth does not prevent them from perpetuating this dangerous myth. I feel that it is up to enlightened people such as myself and Rumsfeld to educate the public and dispel this myth before the rabid climate change lobby manage to send us back to the Stoneage.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tibet: Who Cares?

I am fed-up with all this left-wing hippy bollocks about Tibet. What makes it worse is that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. You have all varieties of scumbags from politicians to “celebrities” going on protests and moaning about the so-called plight of the Tibetan people.

Anyone with a rational, common sense approach can see that these protests are wrong and are based on various lies, most of them shamelessly perpetuated by Dan Cruickshank in his disgraceful programme The Lost World Of Tibet.

Lie 1: Tibet was a sovereign nation between 1912 and 1951.
This is false. Yes Tibet did declare independence but China never renounced its claim to sovereignty over Tibet. Also no country in the world recognised Tibet as an independent sovereign nation.

Lie 2: Tibetans boasts a rich culture.
Once again this is a lie. Tibetans are essentially a group of nomadic tribes, who travel around the countryside living off the land. This means that Tibetans did not have a single united society and therefore there is no homogenous Tibetan culture. Tibetans only acquired a single society (and its culture) when, the Chinese, then the Mongols and finally the Chinese again, came in and created one. Consequently any culture that exists in Tibet is essentially Chinese.

Lie 3: Tibetans are tortured by the Chinese for being Tibetan.
This is more ignorant than a lie. Yes Tibetans are tortured but so are pro-democracy protestors in the rest of China. Tibetans are tortured in spite of being Tibetan and not because of it. At the end of the day China is still a communist country and torture is a method still used by the police. If anyone protests at the lack of democracy then torture is bound to be used by the Chinese authorities because that is the way they do things in China.

Well there you go. You now know the truth about Tibet. Tibet never was an independent sovereign nation. So the next time you see a “Free” Tibet protest, you will know that the protestors are nothing more that a bunch of freeloading wankers with nothing better to do.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enoch Was Right: 40 Years On Moslem Terrorrists Infest Britain

Tomorrow will mark the 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech. Generations of trendy lefties have painted this enlightened man to be a racist, but increasingly his despairing vision of future Britain looks to be true. We saw it only yesterday, when a controlled explosion had to be carried out on a house in a quiet Bristol cul-de-sac occupied by a 'British' Moslem convert.

Neighbours had alerted Police to Andrew Ibrahim's suspicious behaviour after hearing loud Islamic wailing and chanting coming from his flat. When they challenged him over the unwelcome noise, the bearded offender answered the door in a white Mohammadan robe, after having to unlock a dozen locks and bolts on his door to do so. Sensibly, his outraged neighbours contacted the Police who discovered explosive materials and the formings of a home-made bomb.

Yet we know this isn't an isolated example. The cruel desert faith of Islam today threatens our nation, and Moslem extremists are plotting to kill British people and subjugate others to slavery and accept their warped faith. All those years ago Enoch Powell recognised what was happening but was vilified for telling the truth. And yet still, those that point out the dangers of Islam, multiculturalism and unchecked immigration get called racist by liberals even though what they say is blatantly right.

And not content with just inviting Moslems to invade our country, we see that liberals are even converting to Mohammadanism themselves. This was shockingly revealed on this site last week, where we revealed that the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Lincoln is a white convert to Islam. Voters must learn the message of the Bristol Moslem convert and not vote for the Liberal Democrats and their candidate Adrian Heath at election time.

And 40 years on from Powell's speech, we must remember that Enoch was right, and in that spirit take a stand against those who would further destroy our country and surrender it to the forces of dark evil and Islam.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liberal Democrats + Al-Qaeda = Axis Of Evil

With the local elections in England and Wales coming up it is about time we at Neo-Conservative Lincs gave you some important information. It has come to my attention that the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Lincoln, Adrian Heath, is an Islamic convert. He is currently a councillor in West Lindsey for the ward of Cherry Willingham.

I find this an absolute disgrace and I am completely outraged by this. And to those of you who, mistakenly, believe that there is nothing to worry about and Islam is a religion of peace, then let us take a look at some extracts from the Qur’an.

Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them’ Qur’an 9:5

May the hands of Abu Lahab perish! May he himself perish! Nothing shall his wealth and gains avail him. He shall be burnt in flaming fire, and his wife, laden with faggots, shall have a rope of fibre around her neck!’ Qur’an 111:1-5 (Mohammed’s curse on Abu Lahab when he rejected his message)

Smite the necks of the unbelievers’ Qur’an 47:4

When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly’ Qur’an 47:4

As you can see from these extracts from the Qur’an, Islam is an evil, twisted and violent religion. Muslims will stop at nothing to kill all the unbelievers and create a worldwide Caliphate. The Lincoln Lib Dems decision to select a Muslim as its parliamentary candidate constitutes an Axis of Evil which threatens the peace and stability of Britain.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Plague of Human Vermin

Today I must report on the plague of vermin affecting modern Britain. They are not in fact four-legged rodents, but allegedly members of the human race.

Examples of this species include the mother of Shannon Matthews, the girl who 'disappeared' last month. It appears this despicable character staged the abduction of her daughter in a scam to raise cash. This woman who has 5 children by 5 different fathers is the epitome of Human Vermin, a class of people so wicked and disgusting that they commit heinous acts for selfish gain. We all know of such people; they may not be as blatant as this barbaric creature, but they infest the entire nation .

They can be found living in council houses acting as parasites, claiming state benefits without having done a day's work in their lives. They have Sky TV, broadband internet, the latest mobile phones and waste money on cigarettes and alcohol. They go out at weekends armed with knives and off their faces on drugs looking for innocent people to attack. It is outrageous, and its us, the taxpayer, who has to fund their savage existence.

I believe that the rise of Human Vermin can be stopped. Council estates should be bulldozed, and benefits only given to the deserving poor such as the elderly, the sick and the disabled. The Human Vermin should be left to fend for themselves, and the police and the public should shoot them on site when they inevitably resort to thieving and scavenging. The same should be true of the hippie liberals that would feed them.

This would be survival of the fittest, and these brain dead maggots would have no chance.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Freak Thing Is Pregnant

A US 'man' (and I use the word man in the loosest possible term) is going to have a baby, 10 years after undergoing a sex change operation. This 'thing' (right) has called its pregnancy a miracle; however I call it an abomination.

The 'thing', who likes to be known as Thomas Beatie, said it was his right to have a child. I disagree! As far as I am concerned Mr Beatie (who is already six months pregnant) forfeited his right to a child when he decided to have a sex change operation.

Mr Beatie from Oregon had breast surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest, 10 years ago when he decide to become a man. Although he decided not to remove any reproductive organs in case he wanted to have a child. This means he is not quite a man but at the same time not quite a woman either.

Unbelievably Mr Beatie is married to a woman called Nancy, and it was his wife Nancy who got him pregnant. She inseminated him using sperm from an anonymous donor. Nancy has also got two grown-up daughters from a previous marriage, and they have expressed their admiration for what can be best described as an abomination against nature.

But what is worse is what is going to happen when the baby (a girl) is born. Mr Beatie, the mother, plans to be the father and his wife will be the mother. So not only is Mr Beatie committing a horrendous sin, he is also planning to warp a child's mind by raising them in a twisted and perverted household. I believe that this man should not be allowed to have children and once the child is born the social services should take her away and place her into care.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Terrorist Forces People Off Bus

A muslim bus driver forced passengers to get off his bus so he could pray. The white Islamic convert known as Hrun rolled out his prayer mat in the aisle and knelt on the floor facing Mecca. Passengers watched in amazement as he held out his palms towards the sky, bowed his head and began to chant in Arabic.

After Hrun stopped praying and allowed passengers back onto the bus, one passenger noticed a rucksack lying on the floor. So fearing that he might be a terrorist the passengers wisely refused to get back onto the bus. After seeing that no-one wanted to get back onto the bus Hrun drove off.

However the most astonishing thing was that Hrun did not get sacked by his employer, the bus company London United. This man disrupted the lives of everyday people, people who have to be at work or have doctor’s appointments. It is an absolute disgrace that he did not get sacked.

Once again we have seen how it is one rule for the terrorists and another rule for us. If it had been a Christian man who told passengers to get off the bus so that he could pray to God, he would have been sacked immediately, however because it is a muslim his employers have decided to “investigate” the matter which will probably mean that nothing else will happen.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bush Declares Iraq Victory

Today President George W Bush has declared, in a speech at the Pentagon, Operation Iraqi Freedom a success. On the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Iraq, President Bush stated that the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein was “the right decision”.

President Bush also praised the troops who were tasked with the execution of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He said: “The men and women who crossed into Iraq five years ago removed a tyrant, liberated a country, and rescued millions from unspeakable horrors. Some of those troops are with us today, and you need to know that the American people are proud of your accomplishment…and so is the Commander in Chief”. This part of the speech was of course met with rapturous applause.

He also talked about the horrors that the troops faced after they had liberated Iraq. “What our troops found in Iraq following Saddam's removal was horrifying. They uncovered children’s prisons, and torture chambers, and rape rooms where Iraqi women were violated in front of their families. They found videos showing regime thugs mutilating Iraqis deemed disloyal to Saddam. And across the Iraqi countryside they uncovered mass graves of thousands executed by the regime”.

As far as I am concerned the decision President Bush made 5 years ago was the correct decision. No longer does Saddam Hussein fill fields with the remains of innocent men, women and children. No longer are there torture chambers, rape rooms or children’s prisons. No longer is Saddam Hussein invading his neighbours or attacking them with chemical weapons and ballistic missiles. And because Bush acted the world is now a much safer place.

May God Bless President George W Bush.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

President George W Bush Is A Great President

It has been a while since our last blog entry on the US Elections and as you may know John McCain has secured the Republican nomination. The Democrat race on the other hand is still very close, Osama (Barack) Obama leads Hillary Clinton however the race looks set to be decided at the Democrat National Convention.

Although to be honest folks…I don’t really care. My preferred Presidential candidate can’t run because the American Constitution prevents him from doing so. I mean of course George W Bush. This wonderful man has been the leader of the free world for almost 8 years now and during that time he has accomplished many achievements.

Standing Firm
At a time when almost all the world’s leaders were going crazy and ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, President Bush stood firm and made the correct decision…he did not ratify Kyoto. What President Bush realised was climate change was a natural process and had nothing to do with CO2 emissions. Bush understood that any targets in reducing CO2 emissions would have no effect on the climate and would only serve to harm businesses.

World Security
His Presidency saw a rise in terrorism by al-Qaeda and many countries around the world had a problem with dealing with terrorists. President Bush kindly offered to deal with the terrorists for them. He rounded them up and placed them in a detention centre called Guantanamo Bay. This of course made the world a much safer place.

Saddam Hussein, former dictator of Iraq, failed to comply with 11 UN Resolutions so President Bush had no choice but to liberate the Iraqi people from a brutal, evil man and rid Iraq of terrorist groups. Iraq was not an overnight success but President Bush has decided to stay the course until the job is done and not cut and run like some of our so-called allies have done.

I consider President Bush to be one of the greatest Presidents of all time. He stood firm against the climate nutters; he made the world a safer place; he liberated the Iraqi people; he pointed out to the world, the axis of evil; and of course he had many more achievements, too many to put in a small blog article. This man is brilliant and I will miss him when he eventually leaves office.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Astronomer Wants Lincoln To Particpate In Earth Hour

Astronomer Philip Norton (right) wants everyone in Lincoln to participate in the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour event. Now for those of you who don't know what Earth Hour is, it is a global climate change initiative which calls on people around the world to sit in darkness. Earth Hour is scheduled to take place on Saturday 29th March between 8pm and 9pm.

Now Earth Hour is a double edged sword, on the one hand - as Sydney found out last year - it is a massive energy saver which is good considering the increasing costs of natural resources. However on the other hand, Earth Hour is being billed by fools like Philip Norton as something which will 'save' the planet from climate change which of course is not true because climate change is a natural process and has nothing to do with human beings.

This double edged sword leaves me in a bit of a predicament on the one hand I am concerned about Britain's energy security and any moves which helps us with respect to our foreign oil dependency is of course an excellent idea. Although I do not want to take part in a 'climate change' event and it is for this reason why I will not be taking part in Earth Hour.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabee Wins Iowa Caucus

Our readers have asked for some coverage of the US Primaries and that is what they are going to get. In the Republican Iowa caucus the best candidate which is Mike Huckabee (right), won! Huckabee won 34.3% of the vote while second placed Mitt Romney won 25.3% of the vote. The other so-called main candidates did not do so well. John McCain came 4th with 13.1% and Rudy Giuliani came 6th (last) with a pathetic 3.5% of the vote.

A candidate can not win the nomination with a good result in Iowa but they can lose it with a bad result and Giuliani looks like he has lost his chance to become the Republican Presidential candidate. The Iowa result is good news for true Conservatives because the contest's two right-wing candidates, Huckabee and Romney came 1st and 2nd. I personally prefer Mike Huckabee to win the Republican Presidential nomination because he is the best right-wing candidate and Romney is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints - that's Mormon to you and I.

As for the Democrat caucus, Barack Obama won with 37.6% of the vote and favourite Hillary Clinton came 3rd with 29.5% of the vote. On reflection I think this is a good result for conservatives because if Obama does win the Democratic Presidential nomination there is no-way that the electorate of the United States will elect him whereas if Clinton wins the nomination she just might win the Presidential Election in November.