Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabee Wins Iowa Caucus

Our readers have asked for some coverage of the US Primaries and that is what they are going to get. In the Republican Iowa caucus the best candidate which is Mike Huckabee (right), won! Huckabee won 34.3% of the vote while second placed Mitt Romney won 25.3% of the vote. The other so-called main candidates did not do so well. John McCain came 4th with 13.1% and Rudy Giuliani came 6th (last) with a pathetic 3.5% of the vote.

A candidate can not win the nomination with a good result in Iowa but they can lose it with a bad result and Giuliani looks like he has lost his chance to become the Republican Presidential candidate. The Iowa result is good news for true Conservatives because the contest's two right-wing candidates, Huckabee and Romney came 1st and 2nd. I personally prefer Mike Huckabee to win the Republican Presidential nomination because he is the best right-wing candidate and Romney is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints - that's Mormon to you and I.

As for the Democrat caucus, Barack Obama won with 37.6% of the vote and favourite Hillary Clinton came 3rd with 29.5% of the vote. On reflection I think this is a good result for conservatives because if Obama does win the Democratic Presidential nomination there is no-way that the electorate of the United States will elect him whereas if Clinton wins the nomination she just might win the Presidential Election in November.


Michael said...

One of the writers on a site I blog for talked a about Obama's win. Of course he first had to explain was a Caucus was to our readers, lol.

Honestly I hate to play the race card but I'm very surprised to see Obama win in a state like Iowa. Maybe the world isn't as racist as I thought. I'm feeling like if he can win there he can win anywhere.

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

I have been very impressed with Huckabee recently - he's a Baptist preacher himself. He seems to be running with very little funding and seems to have some very good policies. Don't think he will go the distance though.

As much as I would like Huckabee, Romney or even Giuliani to win I think McCain is going to take some stopping.

Obama may have peaked way too early too.

Maybe getting Hillary nominated for the Democrats could be the best thing to happen for the Republicans.

Her husband wasn't exactly the best President!

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Editor - How about running a story on knife crime?

I've just sent this neo con posting to the Lincs Echo:

The increase in the number of children carrying knives in the county is yet another example of how Labour are failing to get a grip on knife crime in Lincolnshire.

What we need to do is extend stop and search powers for offensive weapons, implement tougher punishments, put our police in local communities to catch and deter offenders, and combat the scourge of drugs which fuels so much of the violent crime we see on our streets.

Overall knife crime has doubled in two years and fatal stabbings up 17 per cent under Labour.

Yet this is despite gimmicks from this Government like pledging to put families from hell in sin bin homes only to close the task force down just weeks later, issuing one-the-spot fines of which half are never paid on time, and introducing ASBOs only for them to be breached.

What we need are measures to bring an end to violent criminals getting bail, measures to impose sentences that reflect the crime not the views of some think-tank, and new laws to put irresponsible parents in the dock beside their yob offending kids.

We should also make celebrities like Pete Doherty and Amy Whinehouse who fail to set an example made an example by the courts themselves.

And above all we should pull out of the human rights act and re-introduce the death penalty for anyone found guilty unanimously by a Crown Court jury of carrying out acts of homicide and possession with intent to supply Class A Drugs because if it works as a deterrent in other countries it should be used here too!

Feel free to use it as a story on here!

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Where's your Super Tuesday views???

Hannah J said...

Could use another update now - McCain is pretty much guaranteed to win the nomination; when I last checked, he had about 4x as many delegates as Huck. I was somewhat relieved that Romney dropped out too.