Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bush Declares Iraq Victory

Today President George W Bush has declared, in a speech at the Pentagon, Operation Iraqi Freedom a success. On the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Iraq, President Bush stated that the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein was “the right decision”.

President Bush also praised the troops who were tasked with the execution of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He said: “The men and women who crossed into Iraq five years ago removed a tyrant, liberated a country, and rescued millions from unspeakable horrors. Some of those troops are with us today, and you need to know that the American people are proud of your accomplishment…and so is the Commander in Chief”. This part of the speech was of course met with rapturous applause.

He also talked about the horrors that the troops faced after they had liberated Iraq. “What our troops found in Iraq following Saddam's removal was horrifying. They uncovered children’s prisons, and torture chambers, and rape rooms where Iraqi women were violated in front of their families. They found videos showing regime thugs mutilating Iraqis deemed disloyal to Saddam. And across the Iraqi countryside they uncovered mass graves of thousands executed by the regime”.

As far as I am concerned the decision President Bush made 5 years ago was the correct decision. No longer does Saddam Hussein fill fields with the remains of innocent men, women and children. No longer are there torture chambers, rape rooms or children’s prisons. No longer is Saddam Hussein invading his neighbours or attacking them with chemical weapons and ballistic missiles. And because Bush acted the world is now a much safer place.

May God Bless President George W Bush.

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Julia said...

Thank you, thank you for updating us so eloquently on the amazing accomplishments taking place in Iraq on a daily basis!! God bless you for sharing and God bless our dear President!!!