Friday, April 25, 2008

Axis Of Evil Still Exists

Today I would like to remind you all that the Axis of Evil still exists and the threat from the Axis still looms large. In the 2002 State Of The Union Address, President Bush warned: “States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an Axis of Evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world.” And in recent days it has been uncovered that Syria had been building a secret nuclear reactor with the help of North Korea.

The Syrians have rejected any claims that there are any nuclear links to North Korea; however, the Syrians are lying. The photograph (to the right) shows the heads of the North Korean and Syrian nuclear programmes and this proves that there is a nuclear link between the two countries.

As for the nuclear reactor itself, the Israelis have bombed it. The Israelis believed (quite rightly) that the existence of a nuclear reactor inside Syria threatens the security of Israel and the world. If Syria was allowed to have a nuclear reactor they would make nuclear weapons which could lead to oil price instability and the destruction of Israel.

To those of you who believed that with: the success of operation Iraqi freedom; the inclusion of North Korea in the six-party talks; and the resignation of Fidel Castro; meant that the Axis of Evil was falling apart, then you are wrong. What the Syria-North Korea nuclear situation has taught us is that the Axis of Evil is as strong as ever. Our battle against the Axis of Evil will be a long one and when things appear to be going our way, we must not become complacent. If we stay steadfast in our aim of defeating the Axis of Evil we will emerge victorious.

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Anonymous said...

you are a bunch of losers you perpetuate the great lie, we are monitoring your actions and you will be held to account