Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bird Of Evil

On Thursday May 1st, millions of people around the country will go to the polls to elect their local councillors. In Lincoln there are 11 councillors fighting to win seats onto the city council. The Conservatives currently have 17 councillors, Labour has 15 and the Liberal Democrats have 1. Personally I don’t really care how many councillors the Conservatives or Labour has so long as the Lib Dems don’t have any.

The single Liberal Democrat councillor is Helen Heath, the wife of the terrorist Adrian Heath, and she currently represents Carholme Ward. She proposes some pointless and time wasting ideas such as: small grants to help community-based youth projects; and investigate ways of collecting recycling by disposable sack. And how is she proposing to pay for these proposals? Yes, you have guessed, with a real 3.95% rise in your council tax. Once again the Lib Dems have shown themselves to be the party of tax and spend.

Also standing are a couple of gays: Ross Pepper and Stephen Morgan. Ross is standing in Boultham Ward and Stephen is standing in Glebe Ward. Now I find this quite strange because as far as I am aware people with a mental illness are prevented from running for public office and, as the more intelligent readers understand, homosexuality is a mental illness. I mean, it is typical of the Lib Dems to wheel out people with depraved, sinful lifestyles to become candidates. Remember Mark Oaten! Or would you rather forget?

The Liberal Democrats support terrorists, murderers and paedophiles (if you don’t believe me just look at their 2005 Election Manifesto). They currently have among their ranks: a terrorist (Adrian Heath), a tax and spender (Helen Heath), and people who enjoy sinful lifestyles (Ross Pepper, Stephen Morgan and Mark Oaten). Who next? Osama Bin Laden or Ian Huntley. This shows that the Liberal Democrats are a dangerous and evil party, and they must be stopped. So on May 1st I urge you to vote tactically against the Lib Dems.

In Lincoln if you live in either: Abbey, Birchwood, Boultham, Carholme, Castle, Moorland or Park ward then you should vote tactically for Labour. If you live in Glebe, Hartsholme or Minster ward then vote tactically for the Conservatives.


Anonymous said...

I see you forget to mention that the Conservatives and the Labour party have campaigned on having a higher council tax rise during these elections and that the liberal democrats are in fact campaigning for the lowest of the proposed council tax rises.

Adrian Heath is not a terrorist, nor is he muslim like you claimed in a previous post.

And as for your claim that homosexuality is a mental illness, this is a load of rubbish, and is most likely just wishful thinking on your part. And yet again i see that you fail to mention that for the last year the mayor of Lincoln Cllr Sprat is homosexual. Are you willing to attack this man as well or do you reserve you miss-informed hatred just for liberal democrats?

Geoffrey G Brooking said...


Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Whats the odds that the previous poster was Ross Pepper?

Rumsfeld said...

It certainly sounds like a whining liberal loser to me

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Must be Ross then!

Anonymous said...

No its not Ross Pepper - but someone even worse then him!! DC

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Poor Rossey wossey.

Not surprised the poor boy is starting to feel the strain after such a thrashing in the locals.

And there was me thinking that the mentally ill wern't allowed to stand.

Just proves how the Liberals have a trick to get around anything!