Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: Day Of Lies

Today is Earth Day, which is a day that hippies everywhere spread the dangerous myth of man-made climate change via CO2 emissions. They claim that because we drive around in our cars, watch our televisions, buy lots of consumer products and use our computers, we are some how damaging the environment. They advocate that to stop the damage we must give-up all our mod-cons and live in mud huts. Well I say that they are wrong.

Let’s look at the facts. Now those more intelligent readers will understand that CO2 does not in any way contribute to the changing of the global climate. But let’s say (for arguments sake) that it does. The Earth’s atmosphere is made-up of many different gases and CO2 forms approximately 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Of that 0.04% of CO2, over 95% of it comes from natural sources and is in no way related to human activity.

Most of the CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere comes from: Volcanoes; the natural decay of organic material in forests and grasslands; and animals. Humans produce only 5% of the 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere which means that even if CO2 does contribute to climate change then the human contribution is negligible. And besides, as I have reiterated many times before, CO2 does not in any way contribute to climate change.

But the hippies celebrating Earth Day are just merely a microcosm which represents a bigger, more dangerous form of climate change hysteria that has been sweeping the globe over the last 10 years. For example: On Sunday the BBC was talking about coastal erosion and climate change in the same sentence. This is a complete outrage!!! Anyone with a basic GCSE in Geography can tell you that coastal erosion is a completely natural process and is in no-way related to climate change.

However those groups in society such as: the far-left; hippies; liberals; and nutcase environmentalists are so rabid in the way they insist on the existence of man-made climate change that even the truth does not prevent them from perpetuating this dangerous myth. I feel that it is up to enlightened people such as myself and Rumsfeld to educate the public and dispel this myth before the rabid climate change lobby manage to send us back to the Stoneage.


Anonymous said...

Well hey, why would a Christian Nation such as Murki-stan bother to pretend the denizens are stewards of a planet some paranormal being created?

We were all taught in Sunday school: pay tithes to pulpit pimps to teach that we’re only created his Play-Doh denizens as parasites to undo all that said creator did, right?

We the People are prompted to assume conservatives celebrate World AIDS Day by having unprotected sex with male prostitutes….

It would behoove the billions upon this planet who DO honor their stewardship to a creator’s creation to create:

“Don’t Shoot Self in Face Day” in order for the “personally accountable and responsible” mouth breathers to do the opposite for one day each year

…..then the planet’s billions of honorable REAL Americans could “protect America” and wouldn’t have to bother with future Earth Day events in order to focus on repairing all that was raped and pillaged the last eight years.

Karma is a mother, just not the one that bakes cookies, doncha’ know!

Freya said...

Maybe climate change is disputable. Deforestation, pollution of lakes and displacement of many wild species is not. Earth Day is not about saving the planet, it's about saving our own butts some 50 years down the road. We need to continue to produce and consume at a rate that will allow us to do so sustainably.