Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enoch Was Right: 40 Years On Moslem Terrorrists Infest Britain

Tomorrow will mark the 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech. Generations of trendy lefties have painted this enlightened man to be a racist, but increasingly his despairing vision of future Britain looks to be true. We saw it only yesterday, when a controlled explosion had to be carried out on a house in a quiet Bristol cul-de-sac occupied by a 'British' Moslem convert.

Neighbours had alerted Police to Andrew Ibrahim's suspicious behaviour after hearing loud Islamic wailing and chanting coming from his flat. When they challenged him over the unwelcome noise, the bearded offender answered the door in a white Mohammadan robe, after having to unlock a dozen locks and bolts on his door to do so. Sensibly, his outraged neighbours contacted the Police who discovered explosive materials and the formings of a home-made bomb.

Yet we know this isn't an isolated example. The cruel desert faith of Islam today threatens our nation, and Moslem extremists are plotting to kill British people and subjugate others to slavery and accept their warped faith. All those years ago Enoch Powell recognised what was happening but was vilified for telling the truth. And yet still, those that point out the dangers of Islam, multiculturalism and unchecked immigration get called racist by liberals even though what they say is blatantly right.

And not content with just inviting Moslems to invade our country, we see that liberals are even converting to Mohammadanism themselves. This was shockingly revealed on this site last week, where we revealed that the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Lincoln is a white convert to Islam. Voters must learn the message of the Bristol Moslem convert and not vote for the Liberal Democrats and their candidate Adrian Heath at election time.

And 40 years on from Powell's speech, we must remember that Enoch was right, and in that spirit take a stand against those who would further destroy our country and surrender it to the forces of dark evil and Islam.


Anonymous said...

Right on Rumsfeld,
Britain must be the one to say ENOUGH ALREADY! I am watching you from across the pond. We have the same concerns. I found your site through another fine Brit. Might want to check him out at Keep Tony Blair.
Arlene in the USA
Specifically California

Anonymous said...

Enoch Powel was a total fag. Lets face it, he was a fucking pain in the arse.

Rumsfeld said...

^^probably just like yourself

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