Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Plague of Human Vermin

Today I must report on the plague of vermin affecting modern Britain. They are not in fact four-legged rodents, but allegedly members of the human race.

Examples of this species include the mother of Shannon Matthews, the girl who 'disappeared' last month. It appears this despicable character staged the abduction of her daughter in a scam to raise cash. This woman who has 5 children by 5 different fathers is the epitome of Human Vermin, a class of people so wicked and disgusting that they commit heinous acts for selfish gain. We all know of such people; they may not be as blatant as this barbaric creature, but they infest the entire nation .

They can be found living in council houses acting as parasites, claiming state benefits without having done a day's work in their lives. They have Sky TV, broadband internet, the latest mobile phones and waste money on cigarettes and alcohol. They go out at weekends armed with knives and off their faces on drugs looking for innocent people to attack. It is outrageous, and its us, the taxpayer, who has to fund their savage existence.

I believe that the rise of Human Vermin can be stopped. Council estates should be bulldozed, and benefits only given to the deserving poor such as the elderly, the sick and the disabled. The Human Vermin should be left to fend for themselves, and the police and the public should shoot them on site when they inevitably resort to thieving and scavenging. The same should be true of the hippie liberals that would feed them.

This would be survival of the fittest, and these brain dead maggots would have no chance.

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Anonymous said...

a bit extreme.. council estates are not the problem .. they are people homes. many council house residents do work for a living,

i do agree that benifits should be reformed ..

child benifit should still exist but the should be limits such as say £40 a week for 1 child £60 for 2 £70 for 3

rather than £40 per child

this would make them live in the same world as working parents were the more children you have the less money there is to go around..

too many of these vermin as you call them are making a living out of having babys..