Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tibet: Who Cares?

I am fed-up with all this left-wing hippy bollocks about Tibet. What makes it worse is that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. You have all varieties of scumbags from politicians to “celebrities” going on protests and moaning about the so-called plight of the Tibetan people.

Anyone with a rational, common sense approach can see that these protests are wrong and are based on various lies, most of them shamelessly perpetuated by Dan Cruickshank in his disgraceful programme The Lost World Of Tibet.

Lie 1: Tibet was a sovereign nation between 1912 and 1951.
This is false. Yes Tibet did declare independence but China never renounced its claim to sovereignty over Tibet. Also no country in the world recognised Tibet as an independent sovereign nation.

Lie 2: Tibetans boasts a rich culture.
Once again this is a lie. Tibetans are essentially a group of nomadic tribes, who travel around the countryside living off the land. This means that Tibetans did not have a single united society and therefore there is no homogenous Tibetan culture. Tibetans only acquired a single society (and its culture) when, the Chinese, then the Mongols and finally the Chinese again, came in and created one. Consequently any culture that exists in Tibet is essentially Chinese.

Lie 3: Tibetans are tortured by the Chinese for being Tibetan.
This is more ignorant than a lie. Yes Tibetans are tortured but so are pro-democracy protestors in the rest of China. Tibetans are tortured in spite of being Tibetan and not because of it. At the end of the day China is still a communist country and torture is a method still used by the police. If anyone protests at the lack of democracy then torture is bound to be used by the Chinese authorities because that is the way they do things in China.

Well there you go. You now know the truth about Tibet. Tibet never was an independent sovereign nation. So the next time you see a “Free” Tibet protest, you will know that the protestors are nothing more that a bunch of freeloading wankers with nothing better to do.


Anonymous said...

Good post.

J.R. said...

I admire you. You really know what those tibetan 'goons and thugs' are about.
By the way, torture is not Chinese monopoly. You know that, don't you?

Lionheart said...

Yes j.r. These Tibetan protesters are nothing more than a bunch of thugs. I was reading on BBC News yesterday how one of these protesters attacked a Chinese paraolympian as they were holding the Olympic Torch. When you attack someone disabled you are nothing more than scum.

NotSoFast said...

Lionheart: I personally agree with you that attacking a handicapped person is crap all the way around. However, the nature of your post indicates that you feel no handicapped individuals have negative morals. Perhaps the paraolympian is pro-Chinese and feels Tibetans are the true scum of the Earth. Is it appropriate to then attack this person?

Again, I do not advocate attacking the handicapped, be it mentally, physically, or emotionally. However, we must remember that these are people, and that being disabled does not automatically grant one a golden halo.

Just a thought I had. I think society forgets (or strictly doesn't believe) that handicapped individuals, even those near a vegetative state, have their own minds & opinions.

Who cares about Tibet? Why do the mindless masses jump on the save-the-world fad of the day, while they ignore the guy sitting at the top of the hill on their drive home looking for help? I hope I am never in that position; the pathetic self-indulged public will simply let me wilt away while they focus on some stupid "Free Tibet" protest or "Raise Global Warming Awareness" celebrity event aimed at simply making the rich that much richer.

*end rant*

Lionheart said...

Notsofast, perhaps you should have been not so fast in your assumption. I never said or implied that disabled people have no negative morals.

Also the political opinions of the paraolympian are not the issue. I don't care if she believes (for argument sake) that all Tibetans should be gassed, as far as I am concerned this pro-Tibetan thug should not have physically attacked her. Just because someone holds the opposite opinion to our own does not make it right for them to be physically attacked.

Anonymous said...

lol, this must be a joke. Hahaha, not laughed as much since Regan died.