Thursday, May 08, 2008

Britain On the Verge: Moslem Nation by 2025

I must bring to readers' attention a study by Christian Research. The organisation has used demographics and recent trends to make a horrifying prediction that by 2025 Mosque attendance will outstrip Church attendance. It also predicted that by 2050, there will be three times more Moslems attending Mosques than Christians going to Church. That means that right now Britain is on the verge of becoming a Moslem country, and seen as France, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany are heading the same way, part of the wider Islamic Caliphate.

This is indeed a very disturbing study. As regular readers of this site will know, Islam is a wicked and warped faith of monstrous proportions, and its spread must be resisted with the utmost urgency. It is a faith that openly calls for the killing, converting or enslaving of non-Moslems, the oppression of women, the rejection of freedom, and it authorises this through expansion, conquest and violence. The projection that it will be prevalent here in under 20 year's time is truly abhorrent.

I know this upsets liberals and leftists who espouse 'multiculturalism', but mark my words, if this policy is not rejected there will be only one culture left: Islam. The domination of Islam will be far from pleasant.

For anyone who doubts this, take a look around some of our towns and cities that are under siege from Islam and open your eyes. Drive around the Moslem ghettos and see the horrors of an Islamic society in England's green and pleasant land. Tune into local Islamic radio stations and listen to their terrorist bile and broadcasts of hate. As you go past mosques and halal shops around every corner, you will look with horror while Bin Laden lookalikes and women in terrifying burqas roam freely plotting terror. Sensible people ask why these people are dressed like this and conclude that they are not doing it for means of comfort, but merely to demonstrate anti-Westernism and support for Osama Bin Laden's Islamic caliphate.

Now I am not quite sure what to suggest as the solution to this without getting arrested, but we can make a start by unashamedly promoting British values, supporting the War on Terror and backing our troops. We must reject the promotion of Islam across society particularly in our schools, and speak out when those in power back down to Islamic demands. When the idiotic honorary Moslem Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, supported Islamic Sharia Law in Britain there was uproar. Everyone must feel the same sense of outrage when they see Moslems openly dressing to intimidate and threaten. I would never wear a balaclava down the street and cover myself in black robes, why should it be any different for a Moslem.

I am sickened to the core by what I have seen our once great nation become. I watch in disbelief as the land of Churchill and Thatcher turns into a launchpad for extremism. Our courts let terrorists out of jail and punish those who speak the truth. But we the people must remember that this is our country, and we must not give it away. It may already be too late, be we must not give up without a fight. Be proud to be British, and proud to be Christian.

May God be with us.