Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brooking Is 100% Correct!!!

It has almost been a month since Geoffrey G Brooking made some informed, honest comments about council estates and in particular the St Giles estate in Lincoln. Yet he still seems to be creating a stir among some former Labour councillors in the city.

I don't know why he has created a stir, I for one would like to congratulate Mr Brooking on having the guts to tell us the truth about what goes on, on council estates. He is correct when he mentions that most people who live on St Giles are drunk or are on drugs.

I have myself visited the area and I must say I have never seen such a vile place in all my life. The people walk around like zombies in their baggy clothes and sit outside in their front gardens. I say ‘their’ front gardens when in fact I mean the council’s front gardens, which these vile people have managed to scrounge.

These people lack morals and any kind of decency and they are not bothered about living in the civilised world, which means that they will scrounge and steal to get what they want. That is why the crime rate is so high on council estates. These people need to feed their drug and alcohol addictions so they steal other people’s property in order to pay for it. It is sickening.

These people are, in the words of my fellow blogger Rumsfeld, human vermin!


Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Thank you for your support.

The Labour champagne socialists who allowed this to happen should apologise.

Maybe that's why they are so wound up!

Anonymous said...

Since Mr Brooking left a link to this "website" I thought I would take the oppertunity to comment,
As a member of a volunteer community group on the afore mentioned estate I would like to point out that we personally invited Mr Brooking to meet with us in order to show him the positive aspects of St giles.... We had no response..... Which drew us to the conclusion he had already made his mind up regardles. There is no wonder people have lost faith in society in general when there are such single-minded people around.

Anonymous said...

well said!!.. i think you need to get a life, you never know, you might even make some friends!!..

Anonymous said...

And before you call me illiterate.. yes I am well aware I spelt opportunity wrong!

Philip Leak said...

You may have walked there but you ain't ever going to know what it is really like, are you a toff? or are you so inconsiderate that you class everyone on meeting them. The fact that you judge people for having baggy style clothing is just one example of your complete ignorance. You know who get council flats? single mothers whose childs fathers ran away and elderly residents who have been f*cked over in life by people like you and can't afford to retire nicely like you. You know why the drug addicts in these areas need to steal? because they don't have middle class families who they can scrounge off instead for drug money. How in God's name can you scrutinise something for which you have very limited knowledge, the fact that many people don't want to be poor or the fact that they don't choose to be brought up in a poor area is something your over-privileged arse will never understand. If your idea of improving the community is to shut down community centeres then all the kids will literally have to do is hang about on the streets you hypocritical contradicting snob. You and Geoff should both be judged in the eyes of your God and then you might not be so judgmental to others. I wouldn't be surprised if you were both racist as well as ignorant.