Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hippies Indoctrinate Young Children

The far-left hippies know no boundaries as they aim to further their myth of man-made global warming. In a move similar to tactics used by the Nazi propaganda machine the far-left have turned their attention to young children.

I have discovered that at the Stamford Junior School yesterday it was something called Green Day in which the far-left suggest that the children come into school wearing their own clothes and not the school uniform but only if they wear something green. Now wearing green is not a problem, it is the idea associated with the green theme.

The far-left hippy nutcases are indoctrinating young children about the myth of global warming. They start by getting young children aware of their myth by getting them to wear a piece of green clothing. Then they suggest that it would be a good idea to recycle and use recycled goods. And before you know it you will have a whole generation of far-left hippy nutcases dedicated to perpetuating the myth of man-made global warming.

The result of this would mean the end of civilisation as we know it. The far-left hippies believe that we can save the planet if we stop emitting carbon dioxide which means that they are out to stop us from using our cars and modern technology. It is quite obvious to me that if we do not stop these nutcases they will send us back to the Stone Age.


Geoffrey G Brooking said...

How day teachers indoctrinate children with such left wing lies.

Anonymous said...

can see where troll has in fact messed up but is too wrapped in his/her own little laugh to notice how much of a douche they have really been. These trolls are the most easy to identify, as they often stop leaving comments when it is obvious even to a monkey with a brain tumour that they have fucked it up, or when you see a comment that begins with telling the owner of the site/picture/story/ect that they suck for no good reason. To be absolutely sure, look for the word "lulz" anywhere in their comments, or YHBT at the end of the comments.

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Geoffrey G Brooking said...

I see the great george W is in London later this week.

Rumsfeld said...

Indeed Geoffrey. I am honoured that this great liberator and champion of freedom is visiting our country.

Anonymous said...

the big scary hippie liberal monster is comming to get you and your childern!!! hahaha no really, you better watch out,one day its wearing an item of green clothing the next its denying god. Parents of America, burn your childrens green clothes!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about the development of technology that has little no negative impact on the environment? Even if global warming is not entirely man-made, I think all of us living in urban areas can benefit from some fresher air. In any case, the idea is not to stop using cars or electricity or modern technology, but to create even newer, better technology that is sustainable to produce and use. I don't see any harm in that, but I do agree that the "greenwashing" of today's mainstream society has gotten a little bit out of hand. Recycling is fine, extreme ecological terrorism, noooot so much.

Ryan said...

What is more important is that they dont ask them to wear the clothes in that picture. Nothing worse than dirty, dreadlocked, non-showered, non-fashonable hippy.

Hacky Sack anyone?