Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hero Shoots Burglars

Texas man Joe Horn (right, top) became a hero after he shot and killed two burglars (right, bottom) who were breaking into his neighbour’s house. Mr Horn called the police to report the burglary but when it became apparent that the police were not going to make it before the burglars killed him and burgled his house he took the courageous decision to protect himself and the neighbourhood and decided to shoot these scumbags dead.

Yesterday, a grand jury cleared Mr Horn of unlawfully killing the burglars and quite right too. After all, he made the correct decision by shooting burglars Miguel Antonio DeJesus (38) and Diego Ortiz (30) dead. All too often scum like DeJesus and Ortiz are allowed to burgle properties and murder people. As far as I am concerned it was about time that justice is served.

Although, not everyone believes that Mr Horn was right, for example, there have been protests by far-left liberal wimps who have accused Mr Horn of being a loose cannon. However these cretins are wrong! I mean come on! These are the people who believe that WE, the law-abiding citizens, are to blame for crime and that the criminals are ‘victims’ who have been ‘marginalised’ from society.

Well, as you know, this is utter crap. Criminals are evil scum who are born criminals. They are generally lazy people who can’t be bothered to work for the stuff that they want so they steal what they want. They usually murder people for fun because they are sick, disgusting, evil, scumbags and have nothing else to live for. As far as I am concerned Mr Horn had no choice but to shoot DeJesus and Ortiz dead.

Joe Horn is a hero and should be held up as an example of the perfect neighbour who is willing to do anything to defend his neighbourhood. If we had more people like Joe Horn then I am certain that the crime rate will fall and neighbourhoods throughout the United States and the United Kingdom will be much safer.