Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lincoln Gay Pride: Taxpayer Funded Freak Show Coming to Town

This weekend sees the freak show that is Gay Pride come to Lincoln.

Militant homosexuals such as Ross Pepper of the Liberal Democrats will be out in force to celebrate their deviant nature with lavish celebrations all sponsored by the taxpayer. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, NHS Lincolnshire and Lincoln College are all listed as sponsors of this event.

Decent hard working people will see this as an affront to their values. These are all public sector organisations and they are spending our money with no consideration. It is yet another example of public sector political correctness and waste all in the name of equality and diversity. It is totally insane. We are in the middle of a recession and people are losing jobs, yet left-wing nutcases employed in highly paid public sector positions are mocking the hard working by wasting our money on ridiculous schemes such as this.

Now I know that militant homosexuals will say 'but we're taxpayers too'. Yes that may be true, but what is the point of this warped freak show anyway? Why should a festival of cross dressing mincing homosexuals be funded by the taxpayer?

There is no need for a straight pride festival, and there is certainly no need for this. It is a total waste of money. The organisers and taxpayer funded organisations sponsoring it should hang their heads in shame.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beware Of Thieving Gippos

I would like to begin this article by warning all of you about the dangers of thieving gippo scum. There has been a spate of burglaries carried out by pikey bastards including a burglary at the depot of a local garden maintenance firm. The thieves took a ride-on Kabota lawnmower with a Müthing flail, all the strimmers, all the blowers, all the hedge cutters, the aluminium ramps and the flatbed trailer.

As myself and Rumsfeld have stated on this blog vigorously, gypsies are genetically criminal. This means that the pikey community would burgle hard-working businesses and citizens to get some money, rather than actually join the rest of society and earn money the honest, and correct, way by finding a job.

Now to those people who bleat on about how the gippos are innocent until proven guilty I say that is rubbish because if you look at all the items stolen you will notice that they are expensive and they can all (which the exception of the ride-on lawnmower which was obviously nicked to order) be off-loaded quickly.

This is clearly what the gippos want because that way they can make lots of money quickly without actually working for it and all the equipment they stole can be shifted without a trace of evidence that it was them who committed the burglary.

It is such a shame that these filthy scumbags get a chance to profit from other people’s hard work and as for the local garden maintenance firm, it is unlikely that they will get their equipment back. So, in order for justice to be done what I propose is that the police should go to all the local gippo camps and do two things. Firstly, they should confiscate all their possessions which, of course, they probably nicked in the first place, and secondly they should give them a good beating.