Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Problem With the NHS

I was delighted to see Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan's recent appearance on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News in the US arguing against Osama Obama's socialised healthcare plan. We at Neo-Conservative Lincs cannot agree with him more. Our advice to the American people is this: don't do it.

As Mr Hannan rightly points out, the British NHS is a bureaucratic monster with endless waiting lists, rationing of provision and poor survival indicators in comparison with the US. The NHS is also the third largest employer in the world after the Chinese Red Army and Indian State Railway; and don't our taxes know it. But there is another more dangerous problem.

Because healthcare is provided by the state, government power is growing increasingly bigger; and because the government is paying for it the state believes it has the right to interfere in everybody's lives. The socialist system now sees government not only acting to further restrict the sale of cigarettes and alcohol, but also move to reduce the size of chocolate bars, ban advertising of 'junk food' and not treat anyone who is over a certain body mass index. This sees many sportsmen, which would include American footballers, effectively barred from treatment. We also see shoolteachers and dinner ladies regularly snooping around children's lunch boxes and reporting parents for 'inappropriately' feeding them. Then there are plans in place to ban cigarette counters and place tobacco products under the counter, much to the detriment of small shop owners.

The public health zealots will stop at nothing until they have complete control over our lives. This is the problem with a country like Britain that has no written limits to the power of government. The UK's system of socialised healthcare, although created with good intentions, has been a disaster for the rights of the individual. Taxes are high, service is poor, and we now have grotesque government intrusion into people's lives.

It is a disgrace, and the United States must not move towards becoming another failed socialist country.