Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ross Pepper is an Intolerant Filthy Liberal Shite

Homosexual Lincoln Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper has a letter in Monday's Lincolnshire Echo attacking a reader for daring to question taxpayer funding of Lincoln Gay Pride.

This website announced the same objections to this event recently and has ever since been deluged by anonymous comments of vile homosexual filth. This is the same sort of behaviour as seen by Ross Pepper in his letter to the Lincolnshire Echo where he attacks a reader's entirely reasonable views on traditional values and behaviour.

Stripped of the cloak of anonymity he moderates his language but accuses the reader of demonstrating 'society's hostility towards the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community'. This militant homosexual liberal is like all others. They claim to be tolerant of all opinions and positions yet this only seems to apply to those who share the same Guardian reading views. Anyone who defends traditional values is immediately a victim of vicious senseless attacks (Remember ultra-queer blogger Perez Hilton's attack on former Miss California Carrie Prejean).

Most people do not appreciate public displays of sexuality, whether or not its straight or homosexual. They especially don't want to see taxpayer funded cross- dressing queer fests.

Ross, people in general aren't all that bothered if you're a faggot or not, they just don't see why you have to shout it from the rooftops. Your militant homosexual rantings demonstrate that you and the Liberal Democrats are an enemy of decent hardworking people, and that you are an intolerant bigoted shite.

PS: Lincoln Liberal Democrat Adrian Heath is currently in court over charges of groping women whilst he performed his role as a dentist. While we cannot comment on his guilt or not, this further demonstrates the shambolic nature of the foul Liberal Democrat organisation. And given the nature of the Lib Dems, we are surprised to see that it is women and not men he is accused of groping.