Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ross Pepper is an Intolerant Filthy Liberal Shite

Homosexual Lincoln Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper has a letter in Monday's Lincolnshire Echo attacking a reader for daring to question taxpayer funding of Lincoln Gay Pride.

This website announced the same objections to this event recently and has ever since been deluged by anonymous comments of vile homosexual filth. This is the same sort of behaviour as seen by Ross Pepper in his letter to the Lincolnshire Echo where he attacks a reader's entirely reasonable views on traditional values and behaviour.

Stripped of the cloak of anonymity he moderates his language but accuses the reader of demonstrating 'society's hostility towards the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community'. This militant homosexual liberal is like all others. They claim to be tolerant of all opinions and positions yet this only seems to apply to those who share the same Guardian reading views. Anyone who defends traditional values is immediately a victim of vicious senseless attacks (Remember ultra-queer blogger Perez Hilton's attack on former Miss California Carrie Prejean).

Most people do not appreciate public displays of sexuality, whether or not its straight or homosexual. They especially don't want to see taxpayer funded cross- dressing queer fests.

Ross, people in general aren't all that bothered if you're a faggot or not, they just don't see why you have to shout it from the rooftops. Your militant homosexual rantings demonstrate that you and the Liberal Democrats are an enemy of decent hardworking people, and that you are an intolerant bigoted shite.

PS: Lincoln Liberal Democrat Adrian Heath is currently in court over charges of groping women whilst he performed his role as a dentist. While we cannot comment on his guilt or not, this further demonstrates the shambolic nature of the foul Liberal Democrat organisation. And given the nature of the Lib Dems, we are surprised to see that it is women and not men he is accused of groping.


Anonymous said...

Bumsfelt are you and Brooking still playing Doctors and Nurses?

You know, you show me your's and I'll show you mine.

Still playing with your "magic wands"?

Oh you are a couple of old gays aren't you?

All this homophobic stuff is just a front isn't it?

I bet you're at it like a couple of bunny rabbits!

Have fun ladyboys!

You're so sweet!!!

About time you both came out of the closet! No pun intended!


Anonymous said...

Bumsfelt, are you still taking your boyfriend up the Arsenal?

I bet you are you naughty, naughty little boy!

Thanks for the gaysite boys it's great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gay website boys, it's just what Lincoln needs.

Very clever to pretend it's a political site.

Who thought of that?

Just love the anti gay stuff. I almost wet myself!

Keep it UP boys!

Anonymous said...

Hi my gay friends!!!!!

What a refreshing change to have a real gay blog!!!

Love the attitude!!!

Keep blogging!!!

All my gay friends are going crazy about your blog!!!

Loved the pic of Bruno!!

Everyone thinks your anti gay rant is sooo... sweet!!!

Love it!!!

Neo Conservative Hants said...

Lib Dem perverts.

Anonymous said...

"He moved his hands down under my armpits then pushed them further down, down my top and bra, on to my breasts. He sort of cupped them.

"I just froze. He said he was just checking my glands and said they were up and that I should be careful because that can lead to something else.

"I was scared because a couple of years ago I had lost an aunt to breast cancer, and I had found a lump previously."

Scientifically proven Geoffrey.

Rumsfeld said...

I must've hit a raw nerve if you've bothered to write 4 rants in half an hour. As I said, you are a filthy liberal shite.

Anonymous said...

Bumsfelt you couldn't hit a barn door from 5 paces!

I bet you're as timid as a mouse really aren't you? Just like to give it some anonymous mouth when noone can hit back.

Doesn't matter sweetie, I know you are really harmless. All hat and no knickers!


Anonymous said...

A warm welcome to Bumsfelt's and Brooking's gay website!

What a pair of outrageous old queens!

Both have now become gay icons with their devilish twist of humour!

No, honestly, they are a lovely couple. Two very liberal minded individuals who have a real penchant for self deprecating humour!

When is the happy day boys?

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Matron!

You musn't titter!

Titter ye not!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

How are my two favourite ladyboys?

Up to no good no doubt.

You really are a couple of naughty boys aren't you?

I don't know how you think it all up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bumsfelt and Fooking!!!

There's nothing so queer as folk is there?

Lurrrrve... the website gayboys!!!

What about a picture of you happy pair?

Rumsfeld said...

You clearly have no better way to spend your time gay boy. But I'm pleased to see this website winds you up so much that you leave posts at all ungodly hours. Good to see that you don't have a life!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Bumsfelt!!!

I do hope you and your boyfriend are well.

Have a gay day sweetie pie!!!

Mark Senior said...

Interestingly , Reading Conservatives supported strongly the recent Reading Gay Pride Day and David Cameron sent a strong personal message wishing everyone a great day .
Presumably in the eyes of Bumsfelt and Brooking , Reading Conservatives are all homosexual perverts and Cameron no better .

Rumsfeld said...

As we have stated before, this website is not affiliated to the Conservative Party .

David Cameron's Conservative Party are currently promoting a left wing liberal agenda on a number of issues and are only leading in opinion polls because Gordon Brown is so hopeless.

Geoffrey Brooking's Political Blog said...

Well said Rumsfeld.

Yet another example of the continued left wing discrimination that goes on in this country.

Clearly Cameron is just jumping on a bandwaggon to try and win votes and get some cheap air time because he certainly hasn't got any principles.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Brooking.

Your piece on iain Dale is just as bad as this shite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bumsfelt and Geffy Weffy!

Just checking in!

How are my two favourite queens?

I bet you're both cuddled up in front of the telly aren't you?

How sweet!

I bet you can't keep your hands off each other.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bumsfelt and Geffy Weffy!

How's it hanging?

A little birdie told me you have both been out dogging recently.

I mean, what are you like?

You're just two naughty little boys who obviously love each other very much and good for you.

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, I've just got to show my complete and total admiration for this anonymous commenter!!
You've had me in absolute stitches!!
How good was Gay Pride!
Oh I love it so much, went to Donny, Brighton and Manchester this year!
Such good times!!
La Vie Boheme!!