Friday, October 09, 2009

The Inaugural Rumsfeld Peace Prize 2009

In the wake of the Nobel Peace Prize being issued today to Barack 'Osama' Obama presumably on the grounds of appeasing Iran, North Korea, Palestinians, Moslems, terrorists and Russia, we at Neo-Conservative Lincs would like to issue our own award.

The issuing of the Nobel Prize has long been a farce, and is merely awarded every year to promote various liberal causes. Barack Obama joins a prolific club of far left luminaries including Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat. Barack Obama's anti-American and British efforts over the last few months have done very little to promote world peace, and his message of 'hope' has certainly reached out to terrorists across the world.

In response to this, it gives us great pleasure to launch an award that will appeal to fair-minded folks everywhere. Ladies and gentlemen, the inaugural winner of this award goes to a man who understands that peace only comes through strength, and through holding an unflinching stance against evil where it is encountered. For his visionary leadership and steadfast courage, the winner of the Rumsfeld Peace Price 2009 goes to President George W. Bush.


Geoffrey Brooking's Political Blog said...

I second you my friend.

Obama is just a socialist appeaser and as we have all seen from the past appeasement fails.

What I want to know is how on earth he can even be nominated after just twelve days in office?

No wonder there were gasps of uproar from the audience.

This is clearly typical democrat spin.

Thank goodness he didn't come to power sooner because if he had I have no doubt that dictatorial and supremicist leader like Sadam Hussain would still be in power today.

Anonymous said...

"The In-anal Bumsfelt Ringpiece Prize 2009"

What another fantastic idea from the ladyboys!

What are you like?

Rumsfeld said...

Totally agree with you Geoffrey. It shows us how ridiculous the whole thing is.

Notice how this bunch of Scandinavian socialist academics has never 'awarded' this dubious honour to a Republican or a conservative, yet Democrats and liberals stand alongside terrorists, murderers and communists as recipients. Says it all doesn't it?