Monday, November 23, 2009

Politicians Should Be Locked Up For Insane Climate Change Politics

Global warming hysteria is on the rise before next month's 'climate conference' in Copenhagen. At this scandalous event hosted by the UN, lying liberal politicians are looking to make a breakthrough in establishing world government and launching a grab at raising yet more taxes.

Politicians around the world, in Westminster and in our town halls are basing policy on the rubbish spouted by the likes of Al Gore. These people are beyond question and will not allow anyone to challenge their crackpot theory. Watch the above interview and see what happens when they do. Further to this, it has been revealed over the weekend that a hacker has found evidence of manipulation of data at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, the UK's 'premier' climate research facility. It is clear that these 'scientists' are corrupt, and the same goes for those at the IPCC whose income is dependant on plugging man-made global warming theory.

While many commentators raise doubts that an agreement will be reached to cut carbon emissions, the very fact the summit is going ahead in the first place and is being backed by our government and nearly every single one of our MPs is a disgrace. The whole idea that slight global temperature variations are caused by man is preposterous, and to assert that the world is heading towards apocalypse because of this is a downright lie.

When the truth finally comes out, which will no doubt come after some new climate change deal has been agreed, the politicians and scientists who colluded and schemed to increase their own wealth and raise taxes on the basis of outrageous lies should be put on trial and met with the toughest of sentences. When people are losing jobs and facing rocketing energy bills due to this farce the likes Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and their minions should be tried for treason and put in prison. And for anyone holding out hope that the prospect of a Conservative government in the UK can save us from wilful destruction by our government, the smarmy metropolitan liberal David Cameron is just as bad, if not worse on this issue than the socialist Gordon Brown. Cameron's Conservatives wholeheatedly backed Brown's Climate Change Bill, which made it a legal requirement to cut CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050. This insane legislation was questioned by only three of our 646 MPs.

In the US and UK, most people now do not believe in man-made global warming theory. The people are waking up; it is a disgusting that politicians aren't, and won't even question the facts before they commit to wasting billions of pounds of our money on a nonexistent problem. This outright fraud should bring the politicians our further contempt and they should be locked up for imposing this insanity on the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Is this yet another of Camoron's "cast iron guarantees"?

Geoffrey Brooking's Political Blog said...

Maybe the fact that the IPCC get that funding explains why the mass media are so biased on the issue.

Out of nine attempts at letters to my local rag on the issue only one was published and even that caused outrage from those stupied pathetics liberal twats out there.

Maybe if they turned the tables a little more people would wake up to this con.

So well said once again!

Rumsfeld said...

Same here Geoffrey. The media bias on the issue is a disgrace. We are being robbed of our right to a full debate by both them and our self-serving politicians.

Geoffrey Brooking's Political Blog said...

Its good to see that this morning our arguments have the support of East Midlands Euro MP Roger Helmer.

Writing in the latest edition of Total Politics Helmer sets out the case by stating that:

1. The slight warming in the last 100 years (0.7 degrees) is entirely consistent with the long term.

2. The hottest year in living memory was in 1998 and the earth has cooled ever since.

3. NASA recently reported that not just the earth is warming because so is Mars and the moon.

4. The fingerprint of observed warming is far different to what the IPCC say.

5. There is no scientific consensus whatsoever.