Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen Summit: The Socialist Agenda

The latest news from the climate change meeting in Copenhagen suggests that a deal is being drawn up at the last minute to commit nations to cap levels of carbon dioxide. All nations that is except China and a few others.

Due to China rightly fearing the loss of sovereignty, any treaty that does emerge will not be legally binding for now at least. The watered down document does however call for rich nations to cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050, and will include a $100 billion fund for third world countries to alleviate 'climate change'.

To fair-minded people, this the stinks of socialism. It seems that the type of legally binding agreement that leftists had said was necessary to save the world before the meeting began has not been possible [this would require the involvement of China, the world's biggest polluter], yet radical extremists like Gordon Brown and Barack Obama have decided to press on anyway with the creation of a supranational body redistributing wealth to the third world and committing   the West to CO2 reductions that will result in the loss of thousands of jobs in the developed world.

The agreement that looks like emerging from this would not even begin to tackle global warming if the alarmists' worst propaganda were true. Surely if we were really at the point of Armageddon due to global warming a meaningful agreement would have been made that would bind ALL nations to emissions cuts.
To me this really doesn't add up and it seems that the science behind it doesn't either. Man-made global warming theory has been embraced by leftists determined to use it to further a political goal of global socialism. But despite the lack of involvement from some of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, a socialist plan has been agreed anyway.

The people of America and Britain increasingly do not believe in man-made global warming, and there are thousands of scientists who don't either. Yet our politicians once again are ignoring us, and are even threatening another climate change summit in the summer with more socialism on the way. However, there is a glimmer of hope - at least Gordon Brown won't be in office by then.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Socialist Workers Party Exposed! Meet Luke Aylward: Violent Left Wing Thug

Yesterday's attack on Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi demonstrated the lengths to which left-wingers will stoop in order to promote their political goals. The assault left Mr Berlusconi with a broken nose and and two lost teeth.

In addition to this shameful act of violence, anarchist communists last week started a riot at the climate change meeting in Copenhagen. Not content that the gathered leftist bureaucrats are seeking to destroy Western economic superiority, these anarcho-fascists thought it may be fun to embark on a terrifying display of mindless vandalism.

This is typical behaviour for these uncivilised thugs. Pictured right is a man who terrorised the people of Lincoln for three years between 2003-2006. This is Luke Aylward [aka Meat Loaf], formerly a leading member of the Lincoln branch of the Socialist Workers Party. On his Myspace page, Aylward describes himself as a a 'hairy, bisexual anarchist-communist with Asbergers Syndrome.' From his raging comments and jihadist picture he is clearly a dangerous and volatile character, yet his commissars at the Socialist Workers Party in Lincoln frequently deployed him to battle those who may disagree with his extremist radical views. There are accounts of Aylward, now living in Leeds, frequently throwing his fists at his political opponents and launching into foul-mouthed rants at old age pensioners. This uncontrollable brute is symptomatic of the way the far left does business. It would be no surprise if this nutcase was one of the Copenhagen rioters.

At Neo-Conservative Lincs, we urge all members of the public to remain vigilant for this man.  He is known to travel across the country to take part in various left wing protest events, so if anyone sees him, take cover! It could be you who is the next victim of a Meat Loaf psycho assault.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Iraq Inquiry. Who Cares?

Hello readers! This morning, I turned my TV on and tuned into Sky News and I was met with a load of waffle. I immediately thought ‘what on earth is this?’ It is just after this point I realised that it was coverage of the Iraq Inquiry.

The Iraq Inquiry, under the chairmanship of Sir John Chilcot, was set up to inspect the Iraq war and the events surrounding the war within the period of 2001 to 2009. The inquiry will cover; the decision to go to war, whether troops were properly prepared, how the conflict was conducted and what planning there was for its aftermath.

So while I was watching the coverage of the inquiry on Sky News I thought to myself ‘who cares?’ I certainly don’t. Don’t get me wrong, yes it is important to learn lessons from past conflicts so that future conflicts can be conducted swiftly and efficiently. And yes it is important to hold such inquiries in public so that those people who have made mistakes can be named and shamed. But I don’t want to be subjected to it every time I tune into the news, to catch up with what is going on in the world.

People seem to believe that because an inquiry is public, the general public should be subjected to saturation coverage every time they turn on their TV. Surely those people who organise and perform the inquiries are able to take advantage of new media and stream live coverage over the internet. And for those who do not have access to the internet, they could always buy a newspaper.

However, I suspect that all this won’t matter because I believe that this inquiry was set up to state that the war was wrong and to place Tony Blair’s balls on a silver platter for the anti-war loons. I also believe that the inquiry will have-a-go at the Bush administration as well.

All of this is just simply ignorant because the Iraq War was the right war. Saddam Hussein had to be removed from power as he was a danger to: his neighbours; Israel; British troops serving in Cyprus; and the rest of world, via international terrorism. Not to mention the danger he posed to his own people.

The liberal left seem hell bent on going on witch hunts and holding those responsible, for the war, to account. When, as far as I am concerned, they should be rewarding those responsible with prizes, medals and statues. Tony Blair should be hailed as a hero for the way he stood up to Europe and sided with President George W Bush over the Iraq war. And as for President Bush, he should be awarded with the Noble Peace Prize for bringing peace and stability to Iraq.

But will the Iraq Inquiry recognise the good that these great men have done? I suspect not. Which brings me to my original question about the Iraq Inquiry; who cares?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hallelujah! The Swiss Ban Minarets!

Hello readers! The glorious news is that on Sunday (29th November) the people of Switzerland voted to ban minarets. I was overjoyed but then my spirits were dampened a little when I discovered that they would not be demolishing existing minarets. However, nevermind, at least the Swiss are heading in the right direction.

What happened Sunday was that the Swiss people were asked to vote in a referendum proposal to ban the building of minarets. The proposal was put forward by the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), the largest party in the Swiss parliament, and the proposal was backed by 57% of voters and 22 out of 26 cantons. The SVP have said, correctly, that minarets are a sign of islamification.

I am pleased that the Swiss have banned the building of minarets and I believe that we, in Britain, need to follow the excellent example of the Swiss and ban the building of minarets as well. The minarets scar the landscape and are symbol of terrorism and evil.

I have stated on this blog before about the proposal to build mosque in Lincoln. In that instance the council’s planned department rejected the proposal, however, I am under the understanding that the proposal will rear its ugly head again. I must, therefore, encourage the planning department to go further than the Swiss and rule out a purpose built mosque in Lincoln. I, for one, do not want a hotbed of terrorist activity in Lincoln and I am sure the decent and hardworking folk do not want that either.

But back to the topic in hand, I must thank the Swiss people on their courageous decision. This referendum result is a victory against the islamification of Europe.

God Bless.