Monday, December 14, 2009

Socialist Workers Party Exposed! Meet Luke Aylward: Violent Left Wing Thug

Yesterday's attack on Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi demonstrated the lengths to which left-wingers will stoop in order to promote their political goals. The assault left Mr Berlusconi with a broken nose and and two lost teeth.

In addition to this shameful act of violence, anarchist communists last week started a riot at the climate change meeting in Copenhagen. Not content that the gathered leftist bureaucrats are seeking to destroy Western economic superiority, these anarcho-fascists thought it may be fun to embark on a terrifying display of mindless vandalism.

This is typical behaviour for these uncivilised thugs. Pictured right is a man who terrorised the people of Lincoln for three years between 2003-2006. This is Luke Aylward [aka Meat Loaf], formerly a leading member of the Lincoln branch of the Socialist Workers Party. On his Myspace page, Aylward describes himself as a a 'hairy, bisexual anarchist-communist with Asbergers Syndrome.' From his raging comments and jihadist picture he is clearly a dangerous and volatile character, yet his commissars at the Socialist Workers Party in Lincoln frequently deployed him to battle those who may disagree with his extremist radical views. There are accounts of Aylward, now living in Leeds, frequently throwing his fists at his political opponents and launching into foul-mouthed rants at old age pensioners. This uncontrollable brute is symptomatic of the way the far left does business. It would be no surprise if this nutcase was one of the Copenhagen rioters.

At Neo-Conservative Lincs, we urge all members of the public to remain vigilant for this man.  He is known to travel across the country to take part in various left wing protest events, so if anyone sees him, take cover! It could be you who is the next victim of a Meat Loaf psycho assault.


Lionheart said...

What a vile, unintelligent, dangerous thug this is! Fortunately, I have never come across this blob of a man.

TheBipolarBear said...

This article is a bit like saying the violence caused by Combat 18 et al proves all right-wingers are nutcases...

Anonymous said...

Hi. Your blog is terrible. I'm the man you're writing about, and there's several things I want to clear up about your pisspoor article.

I was never a member of the SWP: I was in the Socialist Party of England and Wales, and haven't been a member for nearly four years. Since then, I've been involved in anarcho-syndicalism and disabled rights campaigns.

I've never shouted at OAPs. I swear when angered by your Tory thug friends (Brooking, Peeke et al).

Calling me Jihadist? You're the religious nutjobs, wanting to force an evangelical dictatorship on the world.

I lashed out at one of your friends because he provoked me, calling me a 'terrorist' and a 'greasy-haired wanker' and insulting some of my friends. I only lash out when provoked, and have trouble controlling my anger because of my Asperger's.

As for you lot, how can you call me evil? Your ideology has been followed by the likes of Franco, Salazar, Pinochet and Hitler. Your racism, sexism, homophobia, disablism and all-round social authoritarianism leaves many people uncomfortable. You're basically a couple of goosesteps away from being BNP members.

In short, you lot are fucking awful.

Luke Aylward,
Your worst nightmare

Anonymous said...

Looks like a right hippy to me.

Hippies and Lib Dems are like that anyway though.

Anonymous said...

P/S I used to have a blob of a belly like that but lost 11 stones this year.

I feel so much better even though I am now a right skinny guit!

Rumsfeld said...

Hello Meat Loaf.

Many thanks for your comments. I love your crazed rantings, you are clearly a very angry man.

May I point out that nobody here has called you evil, however we do seriously question your beliefs and oppose your violent actions.

I stand wholeheartedly by the report yesterday, though thank you for making the vital distinction between the Socialist Party of England and Wales and the Socialist Workers Party. Glad we cleared that up.

You are a nutcase Meat Loaf and a far-left loon. Please keep enjoying our racist, sexist, homophobic and disablist website! What a load of shite comes out of your mouth.

Secretary for Defence Against Meat Loaf

Anonymous said...


I deciphered from your fuckawful blog post that you effectively called me evil. Do you really have nothing better to do than write about me? I've only been to Lincoln once in the past three years, and am seldom violent. I have only reacted once in three years at University, and that was because I was subjected to intense bigtory and namecalling from your allies in the form of Peeke, Birks and Flanagan.

From what I've heard, all you lot do is intimidate people who don't subscribe to your dream of a capitalist autocracy. If you stand by your beliefs, why don't you show your face instead of hiding behind a flimsy pseudonym? The vast majority of people I know who've had the misfortune of coming across yoru blog recongise that it's just a torrent of poorly-written borderline-fascist bilge.

It's people like you who become future fascists. Nick Griffin, Enoch Powell, Rev Robert West, Richard Barnbrook, a BNP councillor in Huddersfield and Peter Davies (Mayor of Doncaster) all started out as Tories, and look what happened to them. You, Brooking or the other three supporters of your blog could be next.


Luke Aylward,
Thinking about holding a gay orgy outside your house, just to make you more uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

*should have written 'your' instead of yoru, but was too angry when reading this shite. No one takes you seriously, accept it.

Anonymous said...

I too have witnessed this dangerous thug and his ‘untermenschen’ commerades bullying and intimidating OAP's with foul and aggressive language. There is no place for people like this in our communities, it looks from the photo that Meatloaf has now joined the ranks of the Taliban, they are all a threat to our free way of life, this man and his wickedness has to be stopped, we must find out where he lives! I will start scanning the Leeds phone book for a 'Mr M. Loaf'.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are (probably one of the Hitler youth, no doubt), the stuff about swearing at OAPs is wrong. I've only shouted at people who deserve it (Tories, BNP, people who bullied me at school).
Get your fucking facts right, you neurotypical supermacist gobshite.

Do you work for Redwatch? Wouldn't surprise me. I'm thinking of coming to Lincoln to find you and ask what your fucking problem is. I bet you're either Oliver Peeke, Adrian Birks, a thinly-disguised pseudonym of Geoffrey 'Cartman' Brooking or Luke Flanagan. You lot are fucking pathetic.

BTW, I remember when I was doing a stall with the Trots one Saturday when you lot had a stall further down the high street, a bunch of Neo-Nazis to the right of the BNP marched up the street, and you lot pointed them in our direction. That's a clear indication of fascist sympathy.


Luke Aylward,
An autistic revolutionary