Sunday, January 03, 2010

Barack Obama: Worst President Ever?

Happy New Year to all of our readers and welcome back. On January 20th Barack Obama will have been in the Oval Office of the White House for one year. It is now time to begin to assess the man who a year ago was being worshipped as the Messiah and the new 'rock star President'.

The Neo-Conservative Lincs team viewed Obama with suspicion prior to his election last year and always believed he would be a disaster as President of the United States, and the de facto leader of the free world. It gives us no pleasure to say that we have indeed been proved correct.

During the campaign Obama pledged to be a uniter and govern from the centre, yet that is exactly the opposite of what he has done. However this is no surprise to us, as this is a man who held the most far-left voting record in the US Senate. This is the man who went to an islamic madrassa as a child, married an America-bashing wife, attended the extremist anti-white preachings of Reverend Jeremiah White for two decades and is friends with a domestic terrorist and Communist revolutionary Bill Ayers. The man spent his years before the Presidency immersed in corrupt Chicago politics alongside his 'work' as a 'community organiser'; whatever that is. Obama held no executive experience prior to assuming the Presidency and frankly is not qualified for the job. And it shows.

During his first year in office Obama has been indecisive, weak, useless and spiteful. He is a smug character who enjoys using the power of the Presidency to increase his own celebrity by appearing on chat shows and magazines. He has spent the past year appeasing moslem terrorists, appeasing Iran, appeasing North Korea, appeasing France, appeasing Russia, bowing to the Emperor of Japan, bowing to the moslem King of Saudi Arabia, and brought socialism to America. And that's not all!

The media mocked President Bush for being an idiot who couldn't talk. Yet Obama can only speak when he has a teleprompter in front of him! He has also tripled the US budget deficit through reckless spending, took six months to decide what to do with Afghanistan while his military chiefs begged him to make a decision, snubbed his country's allies Great Britain and Israel, ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention centre for enemy combatants and granted the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks a propaganda coup with a civilian trial in New York. He has all but ended the War on Terror and suffered three islamic terror attacks on home soil (the latest in Detroit thankfully unsuccessful). All in all Obama has been incompetent and utterly clueless.

Which brings us to the main question, is Barack Hussein Obama the worst President ever? Obama is certainly going the way of his modern Democrat predecessors Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, both of whom were spectacularly useless and severely weakened America and the West. His approval ratings are down at 46%, the worst for any President at this stage in modern history. There are three years left of Obama's first term in office, and if he is going to make a success of his Presidency he will have to start acting like a President. His current obsession with childish partisan attacks on opposition politicians and the media will have to stop. Yet we doubt they will. That gives him three years to cement his position as the worst President ever.